Voltas Sprint 185W SY Series

Rs. 48290.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        hydrophylic aluminium blue fin

    ·        5-star rating

    ·        Wi-Fi enabled

    ·        Air dust filter

 Smart AC with smart features, these both are only possible in this brand product Voltas where, since years passing by, it has nurtured itself into a great-buying product. You have to hanker for the quality that it offers and many a time we grapple with the best features coupled with the best price and Voltas is in always count for you. The better the features, the better the smartness!  This is totally apt for its new model, Voltas Sprint 185W SY 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC.

Voltas Sprint 185W SY Series Technical Specs:

The outdoor unit dimensions of this smart split AC is 84x54x30cm and when it comes to the inner unit dimensions, it comes with 99x31.5x24cm. It weighs around 13500 grams. This Voltas Sprint AC holds a capacity of 1.5 Tone coupled with High EER Rotary Compressor. It comes with a cooling capacity of 5050 W. Its indoor noise level is high with 45 dB and houses a power consumption of 1430 W.

          Voltas Sprint 185W SY Series split ac design

Voltas Sprint 185W SY Series General Specs:

The 1.5-ton Voltas Sprint 185W SY 1.5 Ton Split AC is crowded with gleaming features along with some smart innovations. The auto swing feature in it offers you the even cooling brushing of the unevenness throughout the room. It doesn't stable its coolness in one direction but makes sure that it scatters all along the room to beat out the heat even at the corners. It ensures the air flow with 500.29 cfm. Its horizontal and vertical louvres will help you the uniform cooling around your space.

This Voltas 1.5 TON split AC features hydrophylic aluminium blue fin where it shields the condenser from being affected by the precipitation and humidity. It is corrosion-resistant and it enhances the performance of the AC to the extent.  

The one thing that makes you go gaga on this Voltas Sprint AC is that it comes with towering 5-star rating where you don't need to be jittery about the high current bills. It is an energy efficient conditioner which is hideous about the energy consumption.

          Voltas Sprint 185W SY Series split ac price

The sleep mode in this smart Voltas AC lets you sleep without any disturbance and it won't affect your peaceful sleep as it does everything automatically to adjust the temperature for the first two hours and then goes back to its original temperature according to the ambient temperature of the room. You don't have to wake up in the middle of the nights for adjusting your room temperature as it does it diligently with the sleep mode feature.

This 5-star smart AC comes with Air dust filter where it cleanses all the dust particles and it eliminates all the harmful and unpleasant odour from entering the room. It will make sure that you stay in an odour-free room with the fresh air around. The unique feature of this 1.5 T split AC is that it is Wi-Fi enabled! The self-diagnosis feature in this helps from any abnormal functions and if anything, fishy occurs, then the compressor will be immediately averted for safety reasons.

The Voltas Sprint 185W SY price in India is Rs. 48,290 and is available in white colour.


·        hydrophylic aluminium blue fin

·        5-star rating

·        Wi-Fi enabled

·        Air dust filter


   Many budget split ACs have come around in the recent times, but Voltas is always the unbeatable product in the market with smart features instilled in it. This Voltas Sprint 5-star split AC has come up with essential features that it undeniably grabs you to the store!

Voltas Sprint 185W SY Series Full Specifications

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