Voltas Jade 183 W JY Series

Rs. 27944.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        3-star rating

    ·        Eliminates dust particles

    ·        Self-diagnosis function

    ·        LED display

    ·        Copper coil

 You all need a good sleep under your roof! ACs are one of the quintessential home appliances in many of the homes to wrap up from the heat. With the super smart ACs unveiling during scorching heat, Voltas has risen with a new series, Voltas Jade 183W JY 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC Copper. Though it has window ACs in the count, Split ACs has always heightened its brand name. This all-weather smart AC Wi-Fi based is packed with some astounding features, unlike its previous models.

Voltas Jade 183 W JY series Technical Specs:

The outer dimensions of this smart AC are 84x54x30cm and inner dimensions are 84x54x30cm. The weight of the main unit is 13500 grams whereas the outdoor unit weights 36000 grams. It holds a capacity of 1.5 Tone with High EER Rotary compressor. It has a whopping cooling capacity of 4900 W and also a power consumption of 1565 Watts. It has less than or equal to 45 dB Indoor Noise Level.

Voltas Jade 183 W JY series ac price 

Voltas Jade 183 W JY series General Specs:

It comes with an auto swing feature where it helps in distributing the cool air evenly. It spreads all over the room delivering its coolness without focusing on one direction. The swing up and down ensures to cool your room wherever you want. It doesn't uneven cooling in your room, instead, it makes sure to strewn the entire room with coolness.

This Voltas Jade WY series comes with a copper condenser coil. It sports High-quality Inner-Grooved Copper Tubes. With 100% usage of the copper coil on the main unit, it is way better than the aluminum coils as it supports better heat transfer. By releasing heat, it converts hot liquid into cooler liquid into the outside air.

 Voltas Jade 183 W JY series features

Dubious about the electricity bill? Then this 3-star smart AC will not let you down. It saves the energy and deducts the high bills that you've been going through. This 3-star AC will make you save less power and enjoy more cooling.

This smart split AC comes with a sleep mode which ensures to sleep peacefully without any hindrance as it increases the temperature automatically for every one hour for the first 2 hours and then it reverts to the original setting. You need not adjust the temperature as it does the work dexterously not disturbing your sleep. It cools your room according to the ambient temperature.

An innovative technology imbibed in this smart 3-start split AC is an air-dust filter. This feature will make sure that all the dust particles and harmful substances do not enter the room. It eliminates 95% of carcinogenic agents. It also ceases any unpleasant odour from coming into the room. This Voltas smart AC comes with an LED display and sports glow buttons where you could see through the buttons even the dark light.

Its self-diagnosis function will check for any abnormal functions and any failures in the unit. If any error occurs, it automatically switches the compressor for the safety. The actual price of Voltas Jade 183 W JY is Rs. 42,990.


·        3-star rating

·        Eliminates dust particles

·        Self-diagnosis function

·        LED display

·        Copper coil 


   This smart Jade WY series comes at an affordable price with some exciting features in it. It is well-built and is a worth a try for the price it offered! 

Voltas Jade 183 W JY Series Full Specifications

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