TCL Moveband MB20G Smart Band

Rs. 1099.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • Health tracking features.

    ü  Sleep monitoring.

    ü  Sedentary reminder.

    ü  Sets personalized fitness goals.

 The market for smart wearables is growing by the day. Companies like Fitbit and Xiaomi are giving full attention to this segment that it deserves. TCL is a relatively unknown name in the smart wearables space. It already has two smart bands and a smartwatch in its portfolio of products. Among these, the TCL Moveband MB20G is the smart band with a display. It displays date and time in addition to displaying, the steps taken, distance travelled and the calories burnt. Its functionality is limited by its definition.

It connects to the smartphone to hand over the health-related data. But it cannot serve up notifications neither can it receive or initiate phone calls. The TCL Moveband MB20G is available at a price of Rs. 1,999/- in online stores. Let us take a closer look at this smart band in this review.


The design of the TCL Moveband MB20G is nothing out of the ordinary. It is one piece of rubber moulded to be the straps of the smart band. The brains of the smart band, with the screen is mounted in a precisely cut hole in the middle of the band. This is where all the magic happens. Whenever it needs to the charged, the display detaches from the rubber strap and it can then be placed in the supplied charging dock. The locking mechanism on the band has two pins which can be inserted in the holes on the opposite side. It does not look too secure. But rest assured, the straps stay in place even during the most strenuous exercises.

TCL Moveband MB20G Smart Band DESIGN

The glass on the display is curved on all the four sides. The edges of the display protrude out and are covered in a chrome finish. It serves as a nice contrast to the black strap and lends it a more premium look. There’s also one chrome accent at the end of the locking strap which adds some flair to the unbroken expanse of black. The design review of this watch reveals a sleek minimalistic design language.


The TCL Moveband MB20G sports a long rectangular 0.69” display. It is a monochrome LED display which doesn’t need much power to operate. It sports a resolution of 96 x 16 pixels. It being an LED display with only white colour displayed, it creates a high-contrast display that is easily visible even in direct sunlight.

TCL Moveband MB20G Smart Band features

This display is not meant for watching movies or even any phone notifications. It is meant to display date, time and health information. And for that purpose, the display is quite capable.


The TCL Moveband MB20G runs on RTOS operating system and is powered by Quintic QN9020 BT4.0 chipset. The 45mAh battery powers this smart band for 5 days. It has an IP66 certification which keeps it safe from water and dust. The navigation of this smart band is a bit unique. One tap on the display shows time; two taps show the date; three taps show the no. of steps taken; four taps show the distance covered and five taps show the calories burned. It supports nine languages.

TCL Moveband MB20G Smart Band Features

It counts steps, keeps track of sports activities, counts burned calories, monitors sleep and sends reminders when you are sedentary for too long. It can also set fitness goals after analysing your health data and push you to complete them. The TCL Moveband MB20G works as expected and does not throw up any surprises.

Inside the box:

·        TCL Moveband MB20G Smart Band (with strap)

·        Charging Cable

·        User Manual


ü  Health tracking features.

ü  Sleep monitoring.

ü  Sedentary reminder.

ü  Sets personalized fitness goals.

ü  IP66 certified for protection from dust and water.

Cons: None


The Moveband MB20G is a smart band. It displays time and date. But it is not a smartwatch. It is a device focused on health tracking and setting fitness goals. In that, the Moveband does extremely well with accurate tracking and analysis and by setting personalized fitness goals. All throughout this review, the TCL Moveband performs as it should, without throwing up any inconsistencies.


·        Performance: 4 Stars.

·        Value for Money: 4 Stars.

TCL Moveband MB20G Smart Band Full Specifications

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