Sony GTK-N1BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 9994.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ü  Portable form factor.

    ü  LED display with rotary volume control.

    ü  Wireless streaming over Bluetooth.

    ü  Built-in FM radio.

What makes a good sound system? We will get different answers depending on who we are asking. Sound quality is a subjective matter based on choice and preferences. But there are some parameters which are common and form a base of a good-quality sound system. Loudness, clarity of sound and fidelity are among the three main components of a good sound system. Sony has years of experience and expertise in delivering among the best-sounding audio systems. These are the people who had invented the Walkman! The Sony GTK-N1BT is a futuristic looking one-box speaker system which is ultra-portable and a truly unique design.

It has LED lights which light it up to give it a different look. It features Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The Sony GTK-N1BT is available at a price of Rs. 16,300/- in stores. Let us take an in-depth look at this unique speaker in this review.


At the first glance, the Sony GTK-N1BT looks nothing like a speaker. Incredibly, the first thought that comes to mind after looking at it is that it is a projector. The built-in subwoofer which is placed right in the middle looks like the projector’s lens. The big subwoofer has a black speaker grill made up of drilled holes. It is ringed by a chrome accent which further serves to enhance the illusion of a projector. The subwoofer is flanked by two full-range speakers, one on each side. They feature the same round design as the subwoofer with identical black speaker grills and chrome rings. The speaker box is built out of acoustic-friendly materials which further enhance the sound quality. There are six multi-colour LED lights included in the speaker; two inside the subwoofer’s grill and four on the outside around it.

Sony GTK N1BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker Design

These light up in ten pre-programmed combinations or can pulse according to the beats of the track currently playing. The corners of the speaker, at the front side are sliced in a cross section, giving the front face a diamond like look with multiple facets and edges. This gives the speaker a very unique look. There’s one more unique thing about this speaker; it can be placed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the available space. When it is placed horizontally, the top-right facet houses the NFC connectivity system and it is marked so with the NFC symbol. In the horizontal position, the right side of the speaker houses the control panel. It has a big LED display and a big rotary volume control button. The rest of the buttons are digital. The Sony GTK-N1BT features a host of connectivity options which include; a USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an analogue Audio Line In jack. It also includes an FM radio and wireless connectivity over Bluetooth. All-in-all, the design review of the Sony GTK-N1BT highlights the unusual design and futuristic look of the whole system.


The Sony GTK-N1BT comes in a really unique body casing. The one-box form factor means that all the speakers in this speaker system are enclosed in one cabinet which is ultra-portable. The Subwoofer in the middle outputs at a peak performance of 60W and the two full-range speakers output at 20W each, giving this speaker a combined peak output of 100W. It has five preset equalizers; R&B, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and a Flat equalizer setting. The bass output is really punchy and it is well balanced by the mids, highs and lows from the full-range speakers.

Sony GTK N1BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker features

The Sony GTK-N1BT features S-Master R digital amps for clear highs. The LED lights add nothing to the audio performance of this system, but it manages to make the speaker futuristic and cool. The built-in FM radio provides hours of entertainment. Wireless streaming over Bluetooth provides a powerful performance without all the fussy tangle of wires. It delivers a powerful performance in a compact form factor. Music can be played directly from devices attached to its USB port. With its loud and clear output, which remains clean even at the highest volume levels, the Sony GTK-N1BT impresses with its sound output. It remains a consistent performer throughout this review.

Inside the box:

·        Sony GTK-N1BT One-box Speaker

·        Remote Control (Batteries Included)

·        FM Antenna

·        User Manual


ü  Portable form factor.

ü  LED display with rotary volume control.

ü  Wireless streaming over Bluetooth.

ü  Built-in FM radio.

ü  Multiple input sources.

ü  LED light show.

Cons: None


The Sony GTK-N1BT is an ultra-portable, one-box speaker system which manages to deliver an impressive audio output in spite of its compact form-factor. The spectacular sound quality, the LED lights show and the portability add to its desirability.

The FM radio and wireless streaming over Bluetooth is such an added convenience, which are taken for granted most of the times. This review manages to highlight the salient features of the Sony GTK-N1BT. It most-definitely gives excellent price for the buyer’s money.


         Performance: 5 Stars.

Value for Money: 5 Stars

Sony GTK-N1BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker Full Specifications

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