Sansui 1 Ton Split AC 5 Star (SSD35WS1_MDA/QDL)

Rs. 21599.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        1T capacity

    ·        aluminium condenser

    ·        auto-restart feature

    ·        Turbo mode

    ·          3510 W cooling capacity

Sansui 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC - White (SSD35WS1_MDA/QDL) cools you all along with handsome features!

Sansui, the Japanese manufacturer has enormously brought its products valiantly be it an AC or a smart TV. It came up with legion products yet unceasingly got it all right with its marvelous features in the coming time. Its ingenious presence and the unfettered features are just more than enough to talk about this brand. Split-ACs are yet the most lovable appliance of Sansui other than the TV. Though, a Japanese product, it has vitally engraved its print in India. Sansui 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC - White (SSD35WS1_MDA/QDL) is crowded with some entailing features. Get the detailed specifications and features in the below review.

Sansui 1T Split-AC SSD35WS1_MDA/QDL Specs:

The Sansui Split AC holds a capacity of 1T which is apt for a small-sized room up to 90 sqft. The dimensions of the indoor unit come with 85 cm x 26 cm x 18 cm coupled with a weight of 18.5kg and the outdoor dimensions sports 78 cm x 54 cm x 25 cm with a weight of 26kg. It rather used aluminum condenser instead of the copper that could be the good conduct of heat and electricity but even aluminum helps in energy savings which is quite reliable. It offers a cooling capacity of 3510 W and comes with a rotatory compressor.

Sansui 1 Ton Split AC 5 Star (SSD35WS1 MDAQDL) design

You might be awakened with the half-sleep with some irritant sound from the AC right? But, this 1T split AC won't let leave you annoying as it comes with a refined motor that helps in reducing the noise levels and strives to give you a good sleep and also you can enjoy your sleep with peaceful surroundings. No noise only silence with this 1T Sansui split AC!  The 4-way Air Deflection system will make sure that the cooling surrounds in every corner and also maintain the uniform cooling you require. Every corner will be touched with the cool air and you don't need to worry about switching places in the same room for the coolness.

Now, you can enjoy moisture-free summers with this smart AC and get rid of the moisture and humidity from your room as the dehumidification feature will shoo-away the moisture from the room and you'll find a corner with a fresh ambience. Sometimes, excessive humidity and moisture will have to face your wrath but not with this AC as it will thrive to remove the excess moisture from the room. When the power goes off, you have to re-start the settings and have to track down the settings before the power-cut. But, with the auto-restart feature in this AC, you don't need to worry about the settings that you have set before the power cut as it automatically comes in form after the power-cut.

Sansui 1 Ton Split AC 5 Star (SSD35WS1 MDAQDL) features

After a tireless day and the scorching sun outside, you crave for the immediate coolness and that is only possible with the AC. But, fast cooling? Yes, it is possible as it comes with a Turbo mode where it ensures the fast cooling with just a single tap. It all needs your touch to cool the AC in a jiffy. Anti-bacteria and dust filters are the two filters which help in eliminating the bacteria and harmful germs entering the room. It also extricates from any toxic substances and produces fresh air. The remote controls glow in the dark and you could easily access the remote without any hitch.

Sansui 1 Ton Split AC 5 Star (SSD35WS1 MDAQDL) features

With a 5-star rating, this smart AC helps in saving your electricity bills and saves maximum energy. This 5-star Sansui Split AC has a power consumption of 999W. It comes with a 1-year warranty for AC unit and 5 years warranty for the compressor. The Sansui 1T Split-AC price in India is Rs. 24,990 and is available in white colour. The 1T Sansui split AC online price is Rs. 19,4999 that is available at Flipkart.


·        5-star rating

·        Refined motor in AC

·        Good cooling capacity


·        No sleep mode


·        1T capacity

·        aluminium condenser

·        auto-restart feature

·        Turbo mode

·          3510 W cooling capacity

·        999W power consumption

·        4-way Air Deflection system


On the whole, it offers a good value for money and it is one of the best split-ACs that offers a good cooling capacity of all kinds. This budget split AC has got you all spine-chilling with its cool features and with the affordable price on-the-go, it is worth a buy. 

Sansui 1 Ton Split AC 5 Star (SSD35WS1_MDA/QDL) Full Specifications

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