Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator

Rs. 250000.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        826L capacity

    ·        Net Total(Liter)- 690

    ·        Digital Inverter Compressor

    ·        CoolSelect Zone

    ·        Ice Blue LED Display

 Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator is an amalgamation of smartness and innovativeness.

Refrigerators in India are taking a notch level of ingenuity and as their standards are elevating, so are the prices. Budget Refrigerators are making less quotient in terms of innovative technologies but all we need is the vitality in the fridges that delivers the nitty gritty features and many are etching it successfully at affordable prices. Samsung brings its innovative French door refrigerators at a premium price and striking off its competitors in its innovations, these types of fridges have produced Shangri-La technologies that only rare could bring out. With its new model unveiling, it has taken many turns to live up to its standard with Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door with Showcase 826 L.

Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator Specs and Features

This Samsung French door fridge comes with a digital inverter compressor which holds a 10-year warranty to enjoy the benefits of the fridge. Being strikingly different from the conventional compressors, this compressor features 7 adjustable speeds to meet your cooling demands. It works as smooth as a butter making no noise and erupting with greater durability, it will give you solace in all kinds even in producing low electricity bills.

 Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator design

The cool select plus zone in this massive 826L Samsung fridge is a sole drawer that acts as a refrigerator within the refrigerator and is designed in a way to meet all your demands. With the four unique settings, Soft Freeze Mode, Quick Cool Mode, Chill Mode and Cool Mode, you can select the mode of your choice according to the food you want to put in and store in that drawer. With just a touch, you could access the modes and get the desirable cooling you need. The water and ice dispenser in this Samsung fridge is conveniently sized to fill the filtered water and cubed ice from the dispenser. It is uniquely built to make your life cinch and everything is at your fingertips whatever you might be drinking or pouring, it is more of a diligent way to drink and pour.

The smart Smasung inverter fridge offers the standard cooling in any circumstances with the smart sensor system where it uses 13 internal and external sensors to monitor and adjust settings according to your need. With the frequent opening of the fridge during hot summers, the compressor in it speeds up to keep up the internal cooling alive and making the food fresh. When the surroundings are detected to be cool, then the compressor slows down and maintains the minimum temperature. Its smart sensors literally hike up the smartness of this fridge!

 Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator features

You don't need to open the fridge for daft reasons as you can take the glance of what is happening inside the fridge on Ice Blue LED Display. With its blue glow, you can get the idea of the temperature of the inside fridge. With a touch, you can dispense water or ice and also you can select the vacation mode when you are on a holiday. You can also access the settings of a Cool select zone with just a touch. With the triple fresh cooling technology featuring three evaporators and two compressors, you can cool your fridge properly. It keeps the fruit and vegetables fresh for a longer period and it maintains the optimal temperature in each compartment with no mixing of the odours and you don't have to worry about the staleness too.

The indoor ice master in this French door fridge stores ample ice and also the transparent compartment shows you the quantity of the ice so that you can easily identify how much ice is stored. In a hurry, you might forget to close the fridge door and you might end up in the high electricity bill, but with the unique fridge door alarm, you can lay your back as it alerts you with an alarm to close the door shortly. The Samsung French door fridge comes with LED lightening inside the fridge where you can easily identify the presence of the food. LED lighting produces 10 times less heat compared to the conventional bulbs. It saves your power and is eco-friendly and you don't need to worry about the money as it saves 20 times less power than the other bulbs.

 Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator Specs

With the power cool button, you can abruptly cool your food and beverages at the nick of time. Cold air is blown in the fridge and it will help in keeping the food fresh and stale-free. You'll never run out of ice when a power freezer is imbibed in this smart fridge where it quickly makes the ice with just a button. The Gallon door storage in this Samsung French door helps you to store big containers of bottles or any large containers and it is very conducive while throwing a party at your home where you can deliberately feed mammoth guests with the large containers present in this fridge.


The design is elegant in this Samsung fridge and it will elevate the embellishment wherever you place. It holds a net capacity of 690L and the net width of it is 908mm with a net weight of 171kgs. The Samsung French door refrigerator price in India is Rs.2,75,100 and is available in Black Cavior colour.

Quick Specs:

·        826L capacity

·        Net Total(Liter)- 690

·        Digital Inverter Compressor

·        CoolSelect Zone

·        Ice Blue LED Display

·        13 Smart Sensors

·        Triple Fresh Cooling

·        Door Alarm

·        Gallon Door Storage


Though vigorously expensive, it has some salient features to hanker for. Innovativeness and smartness are imbibed in Samsung but coming to the price, it has little disappointed us. It has valiantly produced smart features, unlike other brands. With the massive features in this fridge, it could have little diminished its price so that it could stand up to the level all wants. 

Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Samsung
Model Name Samsung RF28K9380SG French Door Refrigerator
Model ID RF28K9380SG
Star Rating 3
Deodorizer Type Side by Side
Capacity 826L
Type French Door Refrigerator
No of Doors 4
Body Features
Shelf Material NA
Door Handle Recess type
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 5
Egg Tray yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray yes
Weight NA
Net Height NA
Net Depth NA
Net Width NA
Other Features
Other Features
Warranty 1 Year Warranty on refrigerator and 10 Years on th

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