Samsung AR18KC2JAMCNNA 1.5 Ton 2 Star Split Air Conditioner

Rs. 34000.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The indoor unit dimensions are 890 x 285 x 240 mm and weight is around 9.6Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 720 x 548 x 265 mm and weight of the outdoor unit is 32.3 kgs.

The Samsung AR18KC2JAMCNNA air conditioner is packed with advanced technology. This is a high-efficiency low price air conditioners that give absolute cooling in a silent way. This is a 1.5-ton air conditioner with a BEE star rating of 2. Searching for a better cooling air conditioners, before you buy just read our latest review of the Samsung air conditioners and make a better choice.


The SAMSUNG AR18KC2JAMCNNA air conditioners bear a simple design. It is just the plain white colored panel. The overall look is good. It comes with the nice smooth finish and branding is located to the center which is gray in color. Internal components are made up of rust-free materials which give longer life.

It does come with an LCD digital display placed to the right corner. The weight of the indoor unit is less and has compact design saving space. The auto air guide is completely automatic and the movement is wide.

 The Samsung air conditioner is of split type. The air conditioner is supplemented with an LCD display remote which is perfect for easy performance.


The SAMSUNG AR18KC2JAMCNNA air conditioner is a wall mountable split type as with the latest turbo cooling technology. It is a 1.5-ton capacity Air Conditioner with a 2-star rating. With a cooling capacity of 4900 watts.

The indoor unit dimensions are 890 x 285 x 240 mm and weight is around 9.6Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 720 x 548 x 265 mm and weight of the outdoor unit is 32.3 kgs. It has an indoor noise level of 32 dB for outdoor unit and 44 db for the indoor unit.


The air conditioner is supplemented with a warranty period of 5 years on the compressor and 1-year body warranty. Available with Beep On / off, 24 Hour Timer, auto restart, on off timer, Air swing. Provided with anti-bacterial filters and other filters such as Full HD Filter, Auto Clean (Self Cleaning), Antibacterial Coating.


Yes, India requires good air conditioners because it is close to the equator and the burning temperatures are intolerable. The SAMSUNG AR18KC2JAMCNNA air conditioner has a good and simple design that suits all types of purposes.


The ac gives an impressive performance in all weather conditions. The internal components and the plastic body are quite strong and give a long lasting performance. As it is a 2-star air conditioner the power consumption is average but not low.

The modes provided like dry mode turbo mode sleep mode does a very good job. The dehumidification works well. The anti-bacterial filters are nice.


ü  Antibacterial Filters

ü  Dehumidification

ü  Compressor


×        Boring Design

×        2 Star rating


The SAMSUNG AR18KC2JAMCNNA air conditioner. It works perfectly well. But at this price range, I expect the star rating at least 3 but not 2. And all the functions work well. It is available at a price around Rs 34,000/- @ Flip Kart India.

Samsung AR18KC2JAMCNNA 1.5 Ton 2 Star Split Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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