Samsung AR12JC3ESLW 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

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Quick Specs:

  • Samsung AR12JC3ESLW is an air conditioner with 1 tonnage range and 3-star energy rating. Available with a cooling capacity of 3500 watts. The air conditioner needs a power supply of 230 volts on single phase with 50 Hz and a power consumption of 1090 watts.

Samsung AR12JC3ESLW is a 3 star rated air conditioner with 1-ton capacity and has this great features which keep your home clean. The air conditioner comes with a monolithic design that adds beauty to your home.


The Samsung AR12JC3ESLW air conditioner comes in the red colored glossy panel with chrome branding on the middle. It has the perfectly built body. The design looks a bit normal and regular.  At the air guide, it has this white colored panel again and there is the LED display to the corner of the air conditioner which shows the working temperature.

The design is simple and elegant. There are few things like panel quality, LED display outdoor unit that you will always find in air conditioners and that doesn’t change much. The compressor type is Rotary R22. It is provided with a hard body that is awesome. The filters provided work absolutely fine for filtering dust in the air.

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The dimensions of the indoor unit are 890 x 285 x 235 mm and the dimensions of the outdoor unit are 720 x 548 x 265 mm. The weight of the indoor unit is just 9.6kgs which are easy to install. And the weight of the outdoor unit is 28.5kgs. The outer unit is a metal body which sustains in all weather conditions.


Samsung AR12JC3ESLW is an air conditioner with 1 tonnage range and 3-star energy rating. Available with a cooling capacity of 3500 watts. The air conditioner needs a power supply of 230 volts on single phase with 50 Hz and a power consumption of 1090 watts. All these functions are very useful. Rotary-R22 compressor type is provided which is supplied with anti-rust coating.

Samsung AR12JC3ESLW 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC Review and Price

Additional features such as Hidden LED Display, ON-OFF Timer, Auto Restart, Self-Diagnosis Function, Strong Dehumidification, Multi-Fold Evaporator, Anti Dust Filter, Two Way Swing, Easy Night Mode, and Anti-Mildew are available. It comes with Anti-Bacteria Filter and dust filter.

It has both Cooling and Heating options. Dehumidification mode is available. Auto Restart, on/off timer, air swing features are available. Provided with modes like dry, cool and auto mode.


Samsung AR12JC3ESLW is a lovely air conditioner hat works by all its means to give comforts. And packing some interesting features have always become a major part to judge the air conditioners these days. In terms of features, it is well packed. It has strong dehumidification feature which makes sure there is the right level of humid in the air by absorbing the extra humidity.

Samsung AR12JC3ESLW 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC Review and Price,specs

The built quality is well and is a regular type air conditioner. This is one perfect air conditioner and matches your house in a perfect way. It is the best air conditioner which you can gift your family this summer.


ü  RED colored extravagant design

ü  Perfect cooling capacity

ü  Low noise levels


û  Price is a bit higher than expected


The Samsung AR12JC3ESLW is an air conditioner which you have to choose while buying. Great design with perfect cooling capacity, air flow levels are wonderful. This Samsung air conditioner is available Price at only Rs. 35,100/- I expect it to be around 30K.

Samsung AR12JC3ESLW 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC Full Specifications

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