Samsung 345 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator RT37M5538UT/TL (Purple )

Quick Specs:

  •  Highlights:

    · 345 L capacity

    · 5 convertible modes

    · inbuilt Deodorizing Filter

    · LED lighting

    · Digital Inverter Technology

    · 3-star rating

 Samsung fridges have prodigiously marked a significant presence in this smart and technological era. These budget Samsung fridges have tirelessly delivered many packed features that are essential in our day-to-day lives. From keeping the food fresh to icing the food, everything it does dexterously. Recently Samsung released a new model, i.e.; Samsung 345 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT37M5538UT/TL) and yeah, it has some very icing features that will make you go bonkers.

Samsung Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT37M5538UT/TL) Specs:

This Samsung frost free double door refrigerator holds a capacity of 345 L. It comes with 5 convertible modes which will fulfill different storage needs. The 5 modes are as follows; Extra Fridge, Vacation, Home Alone, Seasonal and Regular. These 5 modes can be chosen accordingly to your needs and availability. It is just so simple. If you want to step out of your home and want to switch off the fridge, then this vacation mode is helpful. During any special occasions, if you want to transform the freezer to fridge space, then you can use extra mode. Like this, accordingly, you can choose your type of mode that will suit your availability. And, these 5 models will help in power consumption and will save your electricity bill.

Samsung Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator RT37M5538UT Specs

The recessed handle of this frost-free door refrigerator will make you handle the fridge very smoothly and the hidden hinges add elegance to the fridge. It is also very convenient to this fridge. Worried about the relatives coming at the nick of time and should prepare the ice, then no need to be jittery as this Samsung Ice twist maker will make the ice in a very short span of time. A simple twist is all you need to make a large number of cube quickly.

The cool pack feature n this Samsung Double-door fridge helps in keeping the deserts and ice-creams froze up to 12 hours. You are also blessed with a fresh room where you need not worry about your palatable foods getting ruined as this fresh room ensures the food to stay healthy and fresh. So, when you open the door, your food will be the same without being spoiled.

Samsung Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator RT37M5538UT Specs 02

The inbuilt Deodorizing Filter eliminates any superfluous odors from entering the fridge by passing the air through activated carbon filters. The power cool feature in this Samsung refrigerator is just wow as it quickens its pace in cooling any food or drink in no time and will help in making the food stay fresh for long hours. This feature works easily when it blows the cold air into the fridge and temporarily decrease the temperature up to 1°C.

In hurry you may sometimes forget to close a fridge door, now you let your hair down as this Samsung fridge comes with a Door Alarm where it will alert you whenever you dismiss this habit. The Twin Cooling Plus technology in this fridge maintains the humidity levels at 70%. This feature is very conducive to making all your food items stay fresh for a long time without drying up. It has many compartments and each compartment's food ensures not to mix all the food odors. You have two rows to put your large-sized bottles, cans, and containers and you don't need to worry about the voidness as this big bottle guard will give ample space to store large bottles easily.

If you want to store a large amount of food and many vegetables, you could keep it as the toughened glass shelves enables you to hold up to 150 kgs of weight. During electrical surges, this Samsung fridge can operate without any hindrance as this can work without an individual stabilizer. The LED lighting in the fridge will make you find every food present in the fridge.

Samsung Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator RT37M5538UT Specs 03

This Samsung fridge comes with Digital Inverter Technology where it adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling levels. It also keeps the noise to the minimum and also helps in long-lasting performance. The automatic smart connects inverter helps your food stay fresh even in the power cuts. From your home inverter, it draws the power and it works without giving breakage in the cooling. This Samsung inverter fridge comes with a 3-star rating for saving up to 35% of energy.

The Samsung Frost Free Fridge price in India is Rs. 39,995.


This budget inverter fridge is packed with a whole lot of features and you shouldn't take time in buying this awesome fridge which is stuffed with legion features and indispensable technologies.

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