Philips MMS6060F 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Rs. 3890.00 (approx)
Rs. 3599.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the satellite are W90 x H165 x D78 mm and the dimensions of the subwoofer are W170 x H312 x D335 mm.

The Philips MMS6060F 2.1 Multimedia speakers are the latest speaker with huge connectivity options and amazing sound quality as well as outstanding bass. Checking into the details in this review.


The Philips MMS6060F 2.1 Desktop looks amazing with the red and black colored design. The subwoofer is provided with a rounded large amplifier. The branding on the three units is easy to see because it is slightly in bigger and bold font. The buttons are in red color. There is remote which is in a rectangle shape, the remote comprises of Philips branding.

The speaker has a LED display which displays the working mode. The speaker utilizes less space. The satellite speakers are also wall mountable. The SD card slot and the USB are placed conveniently.  FM radio feature is available and there is an Antenna slot at the back. The speaker is made of polycarbonate body which gives a long lasting life and color does not change.

philips MMS6060F

The entire body of the speaker has a matte finish. The dimensions of the satellite are W90 x H165 x D78 mm and the dimensions of the subwoofer are W170 x H312 x D335 mm. With this dimensions, we can say that the device looks a bit big and occupies more space than usual speakers.


Philips MMS6060F is a 2.1 home theaterspeaker which comprises of one woofer and two satellite speakers a total of 3 units. LED display is available. The speaker driver power is 15W x 2. The output power of subwoofer is 30W. The output power in a total of the speaker is 60W. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile Devices.

philips MMS6060F usb port

The power source of the device is AC adapter. Built in radio is available. A remote control is available. Provided with connectivities such as Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and FM tuner. Control Buttons such as Play, Pause, Volume +/- and power switch are available. Requires a power of 230V, 50Hz. The frequency range of the device is 20Hz-20KHz. Speaker driver size is 3" Full range and the subwoofer driver size is 5.25 inch.


The speaker’s sound quality is good and delivers amazing bass. With this rich sound quality, you can connect this device to PC and TV. The overall performance of the speaker is good and loud enough even for a larger room. There is no compromise even in the built quality. It is pretty strong to last long. It also looks good.

The connectivity is also good and plays well in all modes. This device is missing Bluetooth connectivity which is quite common in these days. The display is very clear. The FM radio also works just fine. I’m really impressed by this speaker. The pricing of the speaker is reasonable. This is a speaker which can be used for multi-purpose.


The Philips MMS6060F 2.1 Multimedia speakers are the best way to enjoy high-end music in an amazing way. The Philips speaker is available at a price of Rs 3500/- in Flipkart.

Philips MMS6060F 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Full Specifications

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