Philips MMS4200/94 2.1 Convertible Soundbar System

Rs. 4899.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The Signal to Noise Ratio of the device is 60dB. The power output of the device is 5000PMPO.

The Phillips has brought the latest sound speaker with 2.1 channel configuration which gives amazing sound quality. This speaker comes with the latest technology which reproduces high as well as low-frequency sounds in great clarity and never worries about switching off the fan to hear this low-frequency sound. This is a 40W output 2.1 soundbar speaker. Here is the short review about the latest Philips MMS4200/94 2.1 soundbar speaker.


The Philips MMS4200/94 is the latest soundbar speakers. The sound bar speakers give great comfort in arranging speakers. The sound bar's design is the new version of speakers. The woofer has a regular design.

The woofer is 8 shaped which looks nice and glossy. In the middle, there is a small display. The satellite speakers are tall and thin which can be placed laterally as well as horizontal depending upon the space and beauty.

The remote control provided is very small and feels delicate. The two speaker bars can be connected at the edges making it a single speaker. This will become an addition to your interiors and the messiness of wires is reduced.

Philips MMS4200 94

t comes with an FM radio. On the side of the device comes the SD card and USB slot. Besides, there is also 3.5mm audio jack which enables to connect to devices such as mobiles as well as desktops. The product is made up of strong plastic and quite durable.


Philips MMS4200/94 is a 2.1 home theater speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The speaker supports SD card. It is compatible with TV and audio player. It has Aux-in, Stereo Input / Output Jacks connectivities.

Philips MMS4200 94 jack view

The Signal to Noise Ratio of the device is 60dB. The power output of the device is 5000PMPO. The power source of the device is AC adapter. Built in radio is available. The box contents are 1 woofer, 2 satellite, 1 remote, 1 manual, 1 cable-2rca, 1 cable-Fm. The color of the device is black.


Experience theater-like sound with this great speakers. This speaker offers great connectivity and gives amazing sound. It is also easy to clean. The speaker is exhibiting good audio sound.

When both the speakers are connected the sound produced is more enhanced. The bass is amazing. The treble is also good. I loved this speaker. This can be used both for TV and laptop. I can also easily connect the speakers with my mobile and enjoy. It just provides theater-like experience. The FM tuning is also fine.


The Phillips soundbar speakers offer Best sound quality for the reasonable price tag, where you will get clear and crisp detail sounds. The fine tuning of FM makes it more amazing.

We already know that it's a brand which never compromises on Quality and it did the same. And you will have an awesome experience. But the only con about the device is, it is missing the Bluetooth connectivity which is very common. This is available at a price tag of Rs. 4200/- on online as well as offline.

Philips MMS4200/94 2.1 Convertible Soundbar System Full Specifications

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