Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar with Sub-Woofer (Black )

Quick Specs:

 Soundbar systems play as a fulcrum in today's technological era. With the massive sound output, could get a theatrical experience right at your own space. The sound quality of different manufacturers vary and each offers some unique specifications to enchant us. But Philips, which has been the number one product for many years, it has come with a needed accessory for every home, Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar.

Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar Specs:

You may be fed up with low quality sounds in the TV or the Soundbar that you specifically buy for or you may be in an ire while you want to hear the dialogues clearly! So, this Philips soundbar is your only stop to get a complete experience of a good and high-quality sound.

Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar Specs

You can enjoy movies and audio seamlessly and all the credit goes to complete file transferability, where you can access more music and photos with the USB or SD card slots. To enjoy the seamless music, all you need to do is connect your device to  AUDIO-IN (3.5 mm) port on the Philips device. It offers a very good sound quality and makes you feel like you are in a theater. Once you are connected to the device, you can enjoy unlimited collection directly with the help of speakers. The AUX input helps you to connect your any mobile device to the speakers without any difficulty.

This Philips speaker comes with 50W output power in total. The more the watts, the richer the sound quality. With a good amount of sound quality, it delivers a good audible source to your ears. The enhanced and rich brass in it makes your sound richer and also make your music tracks more amusing. This 2.1 channel convertible multimedia speaker has a built-in FM  where you can get a dose of entertainment for free through the speakers and also can enjoy your desired audio or music form the radio station whenever you want!

Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar Price

This Philips soundbar comes with a power output of 5000PMPO. It has a powerful sub-woofer that has a really high bass effect. The sub-woofer output power is 20W. This budget soundbar is suitable and compatible for TVs with 33-43 inches in size. This Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar price in India is Rs.5,199.


Clear sound

Rich bass

powerful sub-woofer

Inbuilt FM


Display is small

No custom equalizer


Overall, this Philips soundbar has made a very good deal. The features and the specs are as needed. The main thing stressed about this product is the sound quality which it delivered the best. With the rich bass and inbuilt FM, this soundbar will take your listening experience to the notch level that any soundbar could come out with. The price is affordable with the customary features and it is high time you should grab this product!

Philips IN-MMS4200/94 Soundbar with Sub-Woofer Black Full Specifications

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