Ogeneral ASGA18ACT 1.5Ton Split Air Conditioner

Rs. 46676.00 (approx)
Rs. 51490.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the indoor unit are 320 x 998 x 238mm and weight around 14 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 650 x 830 x 320mm and weight 51 kgs.


This air conditioner is another variant with a 1.5 ton capacity with a split design. The air conditioner comes with the moisture removal technology which removes the humidity from the air. It is a 3-star energy efficient air conditioner with all the latest features and technology. Let’s us get into the detailed performance of the act.


The act comes with the best inside and outside components. It is a wall mountable split as of 1.5-ton capacity. The AC does have a very good design and looks good. There is a stripped pattern which looks cool. 

The act is white in color and coming to the color variants there are no other variants from the company. The weight of the indoor unit is just 16 kgs which make it very easy to hang. But the sound of the outdoor unit is a little bit higher than other models. 

O General ASGA18ACT-design

Coming to the outdoor unit it is enclosed in an aluminum case with the large fan and a very good motor. The remote is rectangular shaped one which looks like an old style remote for ACS. The branding and the remote sensor are placed exactly to the center.


This air condition is specially manufactured for hyper-tropical conditions such as India. This is a wall mountable split AC with a 3-star energy rating. Supplemented with a capacity of 2 ton. Available with a cooling capacity of 5300 watts

 It has a moisture removal of 2.5 lit/hr and makes you feel dry. It running needs around 7.4 amps. The dimensions of the indoor unit are 320 x 998 x 238mm and weight around 14 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 650 x 830 x 320mm and weight 51 kgs. It has a noise level of 36 dB for the outdoor unit. The maximum length of the pipe is 30m. 

 O General ASGA18ACT-fetures

It can be operated at an outside temperature up to 52 degrees.  R22 refrigerant is available. Can provide maximum air circulation of up to 1020m3/hr. The cooling capacity is 18080 watts. It comes with a rotary type compressor. The energy efficiency ratio is 3.51. It removes around 2.5 lbs/hr moisture. The temperature control is of digital type.


The act is highly efficient in terms of cooling and does work like a beast for such a long run. The robust quality component gives long life and superior performance that expected. You can save a lot of energy and stop paying huge bills. 

The design and build quality is amazing. But it is only available in white color which is a bit disappointment. If you want an arc which looks best for best décor home it feels quite low, even the performance is amazing the design lacks a bit. 

The built quality is made up of special components such as Sturdier fins, ABS plastic, Fire retardant components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts with special polyurethane coating making the stronger and long lasting than other acs.


The OGeneral it's are the best rated and most wanted ACS because of its wonderful performance. Of course, the design is average but not a big deal. There are high technology features available.

Ogeneral ASGA18ACT 1.5Ton Split Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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