O General ASGA18JCC 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Rs. 59189.00 (approx)
Rs. 55299.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The indoor unit dimensions are 320 x 998 x 228 mm and weight around 14 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 620 x 790 x 298mm and weight of the outdoor unit is 40 kgs.


We have already known that inverter air conditioners are the latest technology prevailing right now. These are AC's are provided with a very good technology that saves a lot of energy by controlling the electrical voltage, current, and frequency.


The inverter does look quite common except there is an extra branding on the top of the air conditioner written ‘INVERTER’. The act does look like a white band and is in white color. This is a very good quality product and it really matches the price we pay.

It comes with the nice edge to edge finish. Comes with reliable quality components. The Ac is white in color. It has very plain looks but doesn’t look like anything cheap. The branding itself makes it look like a luxury piece. To the bottom right corner, there is small display. Where the branding is placed on the left bottom corner.

O General ASGA18JCC

I liked the build quality of the device and its components. The looks are above average. It comes wide angle louvers which give a very good air flow even at the sides of the arc. The removable and washable panel makes it easier to clean.


The air conditioner comes with an intelligent power module – Pulse Amplitude Modulation technology. This is a wall mountable split AC with the latest technology making the AC more power saver and efficient than ever. It is a 1.5-ton capacity AC. With a cooling capacity of 5200 BTU/hr.

O General ASGA18JCC

It has a moisture removal of 2.8 lit/hr. It requires a power supply of 220-240 volts with a power consumption of 1480 watts. The indoor unit dimensions are 320 x 998 x 228 mm and weight around 14 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 620 x 790 x 298mm and weight of the outdoor unit is 40 kgs.

It has a noise level of 26 dB for the outdoor unit which is very low than other inverter ACS and normal split ACS. The highest speed of air flow is 900 m3/hr. provided with the rotary compressor. It does come with a CFC free R410A refrigerant. The size of the pipe is ½ inch. The connection method is indoor-outdoor. The EER (energy efficiency rating) is 3.15W/W. It requires a running current around 6.6 Amps.


I think there is a requirement for inverter it's in this country because we see a huge power fluctuation during the summer season. And there starts the problem. The compressor starts working like mad without proper power supply. Your act becomes too cold or too hot. To escape from such problem it is necessary to have an inverter at.

It provides powerful cooling even at 46 degrees temperature. The electricity loss is decreased. Your environment becomes more comfortable with the both horizontal and vertical deflection. It comes with moisture prevention technology which is very good.


Get an inverter air conditioner and make your life happy. Your family will have a safe summer even at the very high tropical conditions. This is one of the best it's available on the market. It is also a little bit pricey than other company inverter acts.

O General ASGA18JCC 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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