Noise Loop Smartwatch

Rs. 4999.00 (approx)
Rs. 4999.00 (approx)
Rs. 4999.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the dial are 5.5 x 4.6 x 1.4 cm. It has an anti-lost alarm. Notification alert, multi skins.

Are you up to buy a smartwatch that looks amazingly cool as well extremely low price.  Just go around with the Noise Loop Smartwatch cool funky watches that makes you look awesomely stylish. Let’s get a close look at this smart watch.


The first impression of the watch makes you fall in love with this watch it really has a good built quality. Round dial with 45mm is a nice move. It is a touch screen with two tactile buttons on the right-hand side. I have been delighted with the design. Over at the back, it comes with a heart rate monitors and the charging connectors.  

You also have the speaker grill at the back side which is again a negative point. Just below the buttons, you get a mic. So both these help you to make and take calls.  The design is not completely water proof but it is splash proof. It comes with a silicone band. The Noise LOOP Black smartwatch is ultimately lightweight and sleek.

Noise LOOP smartwatch Black - design

It looks cool and the color of the smart watch is black. It is also available in red and white colors. The straps provided on default are made of silicon which is smooth. The display has a slightly glossy finish. It doesn’t attract any fingerprints.

The watch doesn’t feel cheaper in any way. The overall design is impressive. You got the three navigation buttons on the bottom of the display. The display size is also mostly viewable and not too small. It is made up of high-quality plastic.


The Noise LOOP Black smartwatch has a 1.3-inch screen. It is provided with 6 watch faces. It is a rounded dial with metal casing.

Noise LOOP smartwatch Black - design


Jumping quickly into the technical specifications, this watch host a 45mm 1.3 inch display, the Noise LOOP Black smartwatch has 500 capacity phonebook and 100 SMS capacity. The sound and vibrations levels are audible.

Noise LOOP smartwatch Black - features

The dimensions of the dial are 5.5 x 4.6 x 1.4 cm. It has an anti-lost alarm. Notification alert, multi skins. It supports multi languages. Provided with fitness manager and much more entertainment functions. The battery life is not given. Heart rate sensor is available.


The watch comes with 6 different watch faces by default. To connect the watch to the smartphone you need to download an app such as Mediatek smart device. The display is visually very clear and responsive. And has watch faces look amazing and suits your style. The device UI feels close to the Apple but far from the price, that actually cool.  

Noise LOOP smartwatch Black - performance

You can also take or make calls conveniently. The sound quality is one of the greatest.  You can also track your activities like steps taken, calories burned and sleeping hours. You can check the heart rate which is accurate.

This is a smartwatch where you can get all the high-end features that work perfectly well. Yes, it supports around 9 languages which are like wow. You can also set actions for predefined motions just like the Apple, you can set the display on when you raise your hand.


ü  Wonderful design

ü  Asy to use UI

ü  Heart rate sensor


×        I would like a leather belt rather than the silicon band but not a big deal considering the price point.


The Noise Loop smartwatch is available at just Rs.4000/- only. This is a perfectly suitable smartwatch available at a lower price tag and also has a top notch desi8gn and body. This watch deserves a try.

Noise Loop Smartwatch Full Specifications

Noise Loop Smartwatch Reviews

Satpal yadav -

Ordered the Noise Loop, thought it will take time for it to get delivered but surprisingly it didn’t. it looks better than the pic in real life and its perfectly working with my smartwatch! Keep up the good work @Noise! -

Do not purchase scrap! Be aware.. 1) It does not supports android(as per authorised customer care guy) when you recieve call(android) you can speak from phone as well others can listen to your conversation through this smart(?)watch. It means Call receiving happens on both devices and watch stands speaker mode always. 2) as well as whatsapp notifications just sucks on this device not only long messages but even short messages like "Hi". You cannot read if message is more than 1(even two shortest message cant be read on device). Also extreamly rude customer care people and NO REPLACE POLICY. I m personnaly stuck with garbage want to gift it free if anyone interested please inbox me

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