Mitashi ML 3000 RX Multimedia Speaker

Rs. 2499.00 (approx)
Rs. 1449.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The Bluetooth version of the device is 3.0 + EDR. The range of the device is 10m (Line of sight). The battery life of the device is 5hrs.


Let’s put aside the flat music from the Bluetooth speakers and get this high bass Bluetooth speaker which performs amazingly well. The speaker comes with incredible design. The speaker output is 3W x 2.


Here we got the brand new speaker from the Mitashi Company for the year 2016 called Mitashi ML-3000. The speaker is in round shape and there is space to catch at the top.  The manual buttons are provided at the top.  Additionally, the device comes with a remote control.

There is steel finish at the buttons place which makes it look more beautiful. And this is a very compact in size and got this nice mesh grill on the front, a little Mitashi logo is there at the side of the face. The give the impression of being of the device is really nice and compact. It’s just kind of an egg-shaped shape and doesn’t really pickup fingerprints all there. The device comes with LE notification light and a small display. You can carry around the gadget with you.

mitashi ml-3000-speaker

So as far as the controls go, they are all located at the top, you have a phone button for answering and hanging up the phone calls. You can also use it to activate your search function on your phone. The dimensions of the device are (L) 80 x (W) 285 x (H) 200 mm. Weighs something like 0.83KG. At the bottom comes the grip. At the back come the headphone slot, charger slot, USB slot and an SD card slot. Power on off button is available at the back.


Mitashi ML 3000 Bluetooth Speaker capacity is 2 x 3W. The speaker size is 2 inch. The device is compatible with Tablet, Mobile, DVD, PC, Laptop, etc. The gadget is provided with Inline microphone. It has a lightweight and portable design.

mitashi ml-3000-speaker

The Bluetooth version of the device is 3.0 + EDR. The range of the device is 10m (Line of sight). The battery life of the device is 5hrs. The Source of input provided is USB/ TF Card/ Line In. and output ports is an earphone jack. Provided with the 1200mAh battery. FM radio channel store capacity is 30.


The battery charging time of the device is 4-6hrs. The body feels very glossy. The speaker comes with 8 manual buttons.  The device is packed with a USB charger and cable and an auxiliary cable. The song quality is good. But the device is vibrating a little bit.

mitashi ml-3000-speaker

The speaker can be used for partying it’s not that loud but good. This is a type of holiday speaker which you would enjoy a lot. The battery is going to support around 5hrs. It has two speakers in the interior. Both about 2 inches in diameter. This provides the decent amount of base. It comes with FM.


The Mitashi ML 3000 Bluetooth Speaker is pretty miniature, so you get honest quality sound out of this one. You can pair it other related speaker to make louder. This is really a deal. The maximum price of the device is Rs 1699/-

Mitashi ML 3000 RX Multimedia Speaker Full Specifications

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