Mitashi HT 4030 BT 2.1 Home Theater Speaker Review Price

Rs. 3000.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • Ø  Bluetooth

    Ø  USB

    Ø  SD

    Ø  AUX

The Mitashi HT 4030 BT has a unique design and having a PMPO output of 4500 watts which can be connected via Bluetooth. It comes with built-in FM radio and a plug-and-play USB port for added convenience and easy plug and play. The Mitashi HT 4030 BT Home Theatre System with Bluetooth is a 2.1 channel subwoofer system. It has a built-in FM radio and a plug-and-play USB port for added convenience.


The speaker has excellent design as well as built quality. The speaker is compact in size. This is a 7W output speaker. Getting into the review of the Mitashi HT 4030 BT speaker. To me, this is quite a lovely design. The fiber body is impressive and the speaker grill is also plastic. The buttons are almost invisible and it gets mixed in the triangular speaker grill. Getting into the design overview, you will feel that the speaker has a unique design. The Mitashi branding is in blue color. The satellites are small in size and are made of plastic and fiber.

Mitashi HT 4030 BT Design

The subwoofer in medium size and not too large. The display is integrated into the design and is very subtle in its looks. The satellites and the woofer look alike. At the back, you will see the connectivities for wires. This is a compact 2.1 speakers that look cute and lovely. The speaker looks decent enough with the black colored design. The dimensions of the satellite are 95 x 162 x 110mm and the dimensions of the subwoofer are 156 x 250 x 272mm.


Mitashi HT 4030 BT is a 2.1 home theater speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The total sound output of the speaker is 45W. The Satellite Speaker output is 2 x 10W and the subwoofer output is 25W. The signal to noise ratio is 45dB. Provided with a remote control and a small rotating knob for adjusting volume. Provided 1-year limited warranty. The speaker supports PC gaming. The stereo jack is also available.

Mitashi HT 4030 BT Performance

The frequency response is 50Hz ~ 20 kHz. Available control functions are Standby, input, sound, volume. It is also provided with Colorful LEDs for easy recognition of sources. The subwoofer size is 4 inch and satellite size is 3 inch. Requires a working power of 7.6W.


Ø  Bluetooth





The Mitashi speaker can be connected to all Bluetooth enabled devices like TV, laptop, tablet smartphone etc. It is easy and fun to use.


The Mitashi HT 4030 BT 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Home Theater Speaker comes with a 1-year warranty and an overall assured service support.


Enjoy incredible music just sitting on your couch with the Mitashi BT speaker. The 2.1 home audio speaker comes with an outstanding and compact design. The sound profile is really great. You can plug and play immediately. This speaker is the one you always want to buy and suits mostly for desktops.

Mitashi HT 4030 BT Features

The performance is reliable and mostly long lasting. Overall performance is virtuous and can be used for most. The built-in FM radio allows you to enjoy all your favorite radio stations. The sub-woofer delivers extraordinary music with the extended bass frequency levels.


Get the Mitashi HT 4030 BT 2.1 speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity and get an ultimate movie experience. The speakers deliver bombastic sound experience.  Enjoy the best sound quality with the Mitashi HT 4030 BT speakers. The price of the speaker is in the affordable range. The speaker is available at a price of Rs 3,290/- Snapdeal.


4 Stars

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