Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 Bluetooth Home Speaker

Rs. 5590.00 (approx)
Rs. 4490.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • Memory Card Slot

    Frequency: 14HZ-20KHZ

    Power Output: 60 W (Satellite), 35 W (Subwoofer)

    Power Source: AC Transformer (AC to DC)



Great sound clarity and theater surround sound is here at a reasonable price from the Mitashi Company. The speaker comes with a lot of connectivities and surprises us. Enjoy great audio with Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 speakers. Checking the detailed performance and design of the Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 Speakers in this review.


The speaker can be easily connected with TV, DVD, PC, Laptop, MP3, MP4 Player etc


The Mitashi speakers have this FM radio feature where you can turn your speaker into a radio station and enjoy your favorite channel. This saves a lot of space. The speaker can store 50 radio stations.


Ø  Warranty Card

Ø  Remote Control

Ø  Instruction manual

Ø  FM antenna cable

Ø  Audio cable

Ø  Wall hanging speaker screws


The Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 speaker chassis is made of plastic that has a glossy finish. All the units of the speaker are glossy. It has this pitch black colored body that looks nice but attracts a lot of dust and you have to clean it more often. On the box it also has a remote control which includes all the buttons for menu and modes. The speaker has a 3.5mm audio jack for direct connection to Line-in jack. On the woofer, there are control buttons to the front and there is a small LED display.

Mitashi HT 106BT Design

The USB slot and the SD card slot are available on the woofer itself which are easily reachable for easy plug and play. You can also find a Bluetooth logo. The dimensions of the satellites are 95 X 86 X 280MM and the dimensions of the subwoofer are 323 X 165 X 280MM.


The Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity that means you can play music where ever you are. You can simply connect your mobile and laptop and play.                


The Mitashi HT 106BT Bluetooth compatible speaker gives cinematic sound experience with its 5.1 channel.                                            


Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 gives total 95W sound output. Where the woofer output is 35W and satellite output is 12W each. The subwoofer size is 5.25 inch and 3-inch satellite. The speaker has a satellite impedance of 4 ohms and the subwoofer impedance of 8 ohms. This is a 5.1 home theater speaker suitable for desktops and laptops. The power source of the device is AC adapter. Power ON/OFF indicator is available. The speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Mitashi HT 106BT features

It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile devices. It has Aux-in, Stereo Input / Output Jacks connectivities. The power consumption of the device is 115W on working mode and 18W on standby mode. The sound output port is AUX cable. SD card and USB slots are available.


The bass controller is pretty good here. But the audio output is low. It is just sufficient for a small room. The Mitashi speakers look awesome. The Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters.  Overall experience feels good with this amazing stereo sound.

Mitashi HT 106BT performance


ü  Decent looking speakers

ü  Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack connectivity

ü  Audio output is high

ü  Reasonably priced


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The MITASHI HT 106BT is a multipurpose 5.1 speaker system that tends to work on Bluetooth connectivity, as well as direct connection having just a price tag of Rs5990/-, is completely acceptable.

Mitashi HT 106BT 5.1 Bluetooth Home Speaker Full Specifications

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