LG OM7550D Home Audio System

Rs. 27649.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        multi-connectivity

    ·        1W↓ standby mode

    ·        90W power consumption

    ·        1000 W RMS power

 LG OM7550D Home Audio System is clasped with Bluetooth and Auto DJ

When it comes to entertainment purpose, everyone gets enthralled and entertainment is not just a factor in playing games but listening to soothing and peppy music according to our moods is just a sole entertaining mode that every individual hankers for. Be it while partying or travelling, music is the one thing we never get tired of.  We select the genre of the music depending on our changing moods and home audio systems are one rise which will make you go gaga at the party time. Home Audio systems are relatively the best compared to the speakers as to give us the most enhancing sound quality and a powerful bass with rich audio content.

 LG OM7550D Home Audio System design

With the arch-rivals waiting for its turn to bring out the competitive models and features, LG is one who stood up to the mark etching a print in every genre. Every genre comes out with unique output and it strives in bringing the budget products too which is reliable to the consumers in all through. The LG OM7550D is one such home audio system which is crowded with unique and newbie features. It exclusively comes with Bluetooth and Auto DJ which is surely going to make you go over the moon.

LG OM7550D Home Audio System Specs:

The LG home audio system is stuffed with accessible buttons on the top and the entire design is something new to treasure it. As said earlier, this LG audio system comes with a Bluetooth connectivity. You need a Bluetooth connected device to connect to the system wirelessly. Now with this Bluetooth connectivity, you can play your favourite content or music on the home audio system through mobile phones or tablets. You can enjoy seamless music through this connectivity!

 LG OM7550D Home Audio System features

There is a transparent circle on the front face of the audio system which has the LED lighting and the best part is that it changes according to the rhythm of the music. Not happy with the TV volume? Then this home audio system is all you need to get the best sound quality and elevate your TV experience double times. You just to have to connect your audio system to the LG HD TV via Bluetooth and you don't need to worry about the tangled wires as you could connect it wirelessly. Bid adieu to the wired connection cables and say hello to the wireless connectivity!

 LG OM7550D Home Audio System price in india

The multi-disc player of this LG audio system will revive you the compact disc experience in this pen drive era. The LG mini shelf system has a CD player where you can groove to the unlimited music of your choice. You are also provided with a vocal fader feature which will let you enjoy your normal audio disc as karaoke disc and will reduce the vocal of music in different disc sources after connecting it to the microphone. It also imbibed an Auto DJ mode which is best for parties as it will add more feathers to the party with rich and audible sound quality from all corners of the space.

 LG OM7550D Home Audio System specs

With the multi-connectivity options, you can plug in any output and enjoy seamless music on the audio system and groove to the beat of the music. You can connect 3.5mm mini-jack or RCA JACK or Mic or HDMI or USB for enjoying the music. The FM radio playback will help you to select a station from a wide variety of stations and tune into your favourite FM shows. It offers a standby mode of 1W↓ and a power consumption of 90W with 1000 W RMS power. The main unit dimension is 430 x 665 x 468mm with a weight of 22.7kg. The LG home audio system price in India is Rs. 31,990.


·        Bluetooth connectivity

·        LED lighting

·        multi-disc player

·        vocal fader

·        multi-connectivity

·        1W↓ standby mode

·        90W power consumption

·        1000 W RMS power


The budge home audio systems have taken a good paradigm in the recent times. The LG home audio system is all in place with great features imbibed with uniqueness. Bluetooth with Auto DJ mode is a stunning feature in this model and you shouldn't take time in grabbing this product. 

LG OM7550D Home Audio System Full Specifications

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