LG LWA5CP5A 1.5 Ton window Air conditioner

Rs. 29527.00 (approx)
Rs. 29699.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions are 660 x 428 x 770mm and weight around 55 Kgs.

This LG LWA5CP5A Window air conditioner is an addition to the L crescent plus series which is 1.5 Tonnage capacity air conditioner. Getting into the very details of the product.


The conditioner has a very subtle design and long lasting durability with its anti-rusting inner components. It is a white color air conditioner looking exactly like an air conditioner you regularly see.

The air conditioner comes with dual protection filter which prevents the dust in the air. The manual vanes and the two-way auto swing provides the 4-way air deflection. Which allows the air to flow around the room in desired directions.

The digital display is provided in the right corner for displaying the temperature at which it works. There are also night glow buttons available on the remote.


The detailed features of the LG LWA5CP5A window air conditioner are mainly it is a 5 star rated air conditioner which saves a lot of power with 1.5 tonnage range which is sufficient for a medium sized room like 15 x 12 feet. Speed setting for cooling and fan speed are also available. It has a noise level of 52 dB which is ok. Provided with Rotary-R22 compressor.

LG LWA5CP5A - features

Dehumidification mode is available. Energy saver mode is provided. It requires a power supply of 230 volts with single phase and 50 Hz and a power consumption of 1415 watts which is an average consumption. 4 direction air flow is available with auto air swing in two ways and manual pages in two ways are available. It does come with a Rotary R22F compressor type. The dimensions are 660 x 428 x 770mm and weight around 55 Kgs. Supplemented with dual protection filter.

The AC runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz Air circulation speed is around 500cfm. Provides a cooling capacity of 4750W. Two free services during warranty period are available.


The performance of the LG LWA5CP5A air conditioner is wonderful. It instantly cools your room and makes it 5 degrees lesser than the outside temperature. It is also provided with a dehumidification mode which is a new intelligent dry technology from the LG.

The air conditioner dehumidifies the air by running the fan at lowest speed in dry mode and also saves a lot of energy. It comes with speed settings of the fan as well cooling.

There are many convenience features such as auto restart, energy saver, and dehumidification, sleep mode, on the timer and off timer. It is the best power saving air conditioner with a BEE 5-star rating.


The LG LWA5CP5A window air conditioner does work fine with all the key features. The only complaint from the customers is it has noise more than others but not very disturbing and mostly bearable. The performance is very good. The cooling technology is also very good. It is available at a price of around Rs 34490/-

LG LWA5CP5A 1.5 Ton window Air conditioner Full Specifications

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