LG LWA5CP3A L Cresent Plus 1.5 Ton Window Air Conditioner

Rs. 26399.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions are 660 x 428 x 770 mm and weight around 55 Kgs.

LG LWA5CP3A Crescent Plus is a Window air conditioner. LG air conditioners are intelligent at special features, functionality and performance. The device comes with Inverter V technology.


The LG LWA5CP3A window air conditioner is a very easily window mountable air conditioner which works pretty well. The front panel which can be completely removable. The plastic panel does looks nice with strong quality. The company doesn’t compromise in its terms of quality. As usually there is a striped pattern on the removable panel. It comes with remote control.

The compressor is a BLDC compressor which consumes less power with the high efficient output. It is also equipped with MF condenser. Which can support up to 20 % higher heat resistance capacity This MF condenser is made up of Aluminum which prevents galvanic corrosion which enhances the life.

It also comes with plasma air filter which is called paymaster which filters the air in the room from harmful bacteria and bad odors in the room. The filter also protects from virus and allergy from the air that risks health. Comes with night glow buttons in remote.


Coming to the features of the LG LWA5CP3A window air conditioner. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnage range. It has a cooling capacity of 4850 watts. 4 direction air flow is available with auto air swing in two ways. Speed setting available. Air circulation 500CFM. It has a noise level of 52 dB. Provided with Rotary-R22 compressor. Dehumidification mode is available. Energy saver mode is provided.

LG LWA5CP3A - features

The dimensions are 660 x 428 x 770 mm and weight around 55 Kgs. Supplemented with dual protection filter. The AC runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz. General power consumption is 1610 watts @ 7.4 amps.


The LG LWA5CP3A window air conditioner is designed to work generally at very high temperatures. Generally, all air conditioner will give a high efficient performance in the starting but gradually decreases and then starts utilizing lot of power. The compressor starts giving trouble. But in this case, it comes with a very well manageable air conditioner which lasts longer.

It comes with 4-way air deflection in which 2 are operated automatically and other 2 can be adjusted automatically. The air conditioner will auto restart when there is a power off or fluctuation and restarts in previous models. The air conditioner can also dehumidify air by LG dry mode technology. The fan operates at a very low speed, particularly in this mode. There is also a fast cooling option available.


Mostly window LG LWA5CP3A air conditioners are outdated but if you want to buy a window as you can just go for it. It is available at a less price and the performance is pretty satisfying. It is available at a price of Rs 29,990/-

LG LWA5CP3A L Cresent Plus 1.5 Ton Window Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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