LG LWA5CP2A L Cresent Plus 1.5 Ton Window Air Conditioner

Rs. 26990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions are 660 x 670 x 428 mm and weight around 53 Kgs.

This is a window LG LWA5CP2A L CRESCENT PLUS air conditioner with all the latest features. However, this is not the period for window air conditioners as split air conditioners are best in the race. This air conditioner is designed for people who are looking for an air conditioner which is a window one and still, should have features like a split air conditioner. Not like the old air conditioners, this comes with a 2-star energy rating making it modernized. Let’s see what else more it has.


How many new features are added to the air conditioner it still looks pretty old with those entire stripped patterns. The built quality is pretty satisfying. It is in white color. The small digital display is available. The positions of the manual buttons are nice which are available near the digital panel on the right side.

It is very easy to operate. It is provided with 4-way auto air guide where 2 of them is automatic and other 2 are adjustable manually. It does come with air filter mesh which is a 2 layered filters for filtering the dust in the air. Remote control is available. The air conditioner is window mountable which is very easy to fix. There is only one unit. Needs stabilize for better performance. It comes with a copper condenser.


The LG LWA5CP2A L CRESCENT PLUS window air conditioner features are as on. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnage range. The cooling capacity of this air conditioner is 4700 watts. 4 direction air flow is available with auto air swing in two ways (left and right). Speed setting is also available for this air conditioner.


Air circulation is 500CFM. Noise level for this air conditioner is 52db. This Air conditioner is provided with Rotary-R22 compressor. Dehumidification mode and auto restart are available. Energy saver mode is provided. The dimensions are 660 x 670 x 428 mm and weight around 53 Kgs. Supplemented with dual protection filter. The AC runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz. It comes with a 2-star BEE star rating. Power consumption is 1680watts


Let’s beat the heat of this hot summer with this low budget air conditioner. The air conditioner does provide a 500CFM air flow which completely surrounds the room and cools the room like a magic.

It is provided with rotary type compressor which does work well in all hot climatic conditions. When it comes to performance it is equipped with Sleep mode, saving power which every customer was in need of.

It is provided with many modes which are user-friendly. The fan speed can also be changed with provided 3/3 settings. Overall performance is really good but sounds more like old air conditioners.


LG LWA5CP2A L CRESCENT PLUS window air conditioner is very user-friendly and is advisable for Bedrooms and living rooms. Available at a price range of Rs. 28,490/- in nearby shops and E-Shops. There are no cons to talk about. It really does a very good job by cooling your room in just minutes.  

LG LWA5CP2A L Cresent Plus 1.5 Ton Window Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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