LG LSA5NP2F Non Inverter 1.5 Ton Split Air conditioner

Rs. 30674.00 (approx)
Rs. 31873.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The indoor unit dimensions are 890 x 280 x 216 mm and weight around 10 Kgs.


Are you and your family planning to enjoy the summer at home and no other outdoor plans? Don’t worry you will be having a monsoon and Himalaya effect here in your home with the LG LSA5NP2F Air conditioner.


LG LSA5NP2F air conditioner is the one that is going to impress your family with its design itself. Don’t feel that air conditioners are going to spoil the beauty of the room. This air conditioner instead makes your home feel good.

LG  LSA5NP2F -design

It is a split type air conditioner which can be wall mounted. It occupies very less space than you expect. It is very lean and compact in size making it look more adorable. The air conditioner does come with micro dust and bacteria filter technology which avoids growth of bacteria and inbreeding molds. This air conditioner is white in color.

LG  LSA5NP2F -design

The digital display is available at the right corner. The split type will generally occupy less space rather the window air conditioners. A 5-year warranty is also available from the compressor.


The LG LSA5NP2F air conditioner does have a cleaning technology with 3M Micro protection filter. The great 5-year warranty is also available on the compressor which is very good. LG comes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnage range. Embedded with a cooling capacity of 1172~4982~5567 watts. The BEE star rating of the air conditioner is 2.

LG  LSA5NP2F - fetures

Air circulation in/output is 425/1550 CFM. It has a noise level of 35 dB for the indoor unit. Provided with the rotary compressor. The indoor unit dimensions are 890 x 280 x 216 mm and weight around 10 Kgs. It does come with dual protection filter and auto air swing. The Air conditioner does have many features for smooth working like Himalaya cool, speed setting, auto restart, monsoon comfort, Auto Clean, Sleep Mode, Night Glow buttons etc.


Your family will not only enjoy the cooling effect there are gonna be safe from the bacteria and dust by the provided 3M protection filters. Let’s enter into the world of cooling and cleanliness with the air conditioner with its auto cleaning technology. However, it does require cleaning for every three months.

LG  LSA5NP2F -performance

The best thing in this air conditioner is you can enjoy the monsoon cooling with just one touch on the remote which is fantastic. It is provided with a 2-star rating from BEE which saves energy.

LG  LSA5NP2F -performance

It does come with many extra modes such as sleep mode which adjusts the room temperature accordingly and saves energy. The air conditioner also has quite operation facilities. The air conditioner also comes with hassle-free operations such as anti-bacterial filter and Himalaya filter, chaos mode, fuzzy logic, monsoon comfort and sweet dreams mode. The air conditioner is operated by remote control.


I think LG LSA5NP2F air conditioner are the best way to escape the summer heat and have the wonderful time for your family. It is a great value for money and available at Rs 31,899/- only.

LG LSA5NP2F Non Inverter 1.5 Ton Split Air conditioner Full Specifications

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