LG JS-Q12BTXD 1 Ton 3-Star Split-Air Conditioner

Rs. 37790.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        smart inverter technology

    ·        Mosquito Away Technology

    ·        micro dust protection filter

    ·        monsoon comfort technology

    ·        1T capacity

 LG JS-Q12BTXD Split-AC comes with a dual inverter technology and it is the India's first AC to come up with Mosquito Away technology.

LG has always made up with the new yet stunning technologies and it has gained prodigious popularity and has etched its print in no time. Its home appliances are more of a kind than the conventional ones. With the raging technologies in the market and people being zealous over the newbie features, LG has only brought out the requisite features that are very proximate to the individual needs. LG's new mosquito away technology has flattered away many and grabbed them to the stores for this feature. LG JS-Q12BTXD Split-Air conditioner is crowded with vital features and you need to know all about the features and the specs in the review.

LG JS-Q12BTXD Split-Air Conditioner Specs:

The LG split air conditioner has got it all when it comes to new technologies and it has been listed in the 'India's first's' every other time it releases its any product. LG comes with smart inverter technology which helps in ensuring the fast cooling and saving the energy. It also comes with variable tonnage and has got 10 years warranty on the inverter compressor. More energy savings with this smart inverter technology! 

LG JS-Q12BTXD 1 Ton 3-Star Split-Air Conditioner design

LG is India's first air conditioner that has brought Mosquito Away Technology. No company dared to bring out this technology which this LG has succeeded in doing so. Its innovative technology has made us look for more in it. This revolutionary new technology extricates from the mosquitoes and keeps you away from the diseases. With the extensive and vigorous research, this LG has brought out this technology in which there is an ultrasonic wave range in shooing away the mosquitoes. And, the best part is that is works even without AC. It is purely free from chemicals and it is good for us making it bad for mosquitoes! And, the ultrasonic waves is no bad for humans and you can play it safe with this smart AC.

There is a micro dust protection filter in this AC where it prevents any dust particles and allergens. The dust particles may lead to several problems ranging from respiratory problems to allergies. The double filtration system cleans the air and comes with fresh and hygienic air. It protects you from any toxic substances that may sharply effect you. The anti-bacterial filter in it diligently shoos away the bacteria and germs.

LG JS-Q12BTXD 1 Ton 3-Star Split-Air Conditioner features

The monsoon comfort technology in this smart AC maintains the right temperature by giving the right cooling during monsoon season and high humidity. This technology prevents any over cooling and it saves energy up to 36.4% compared to the normal dehumidification mode. If you are uncomfortable with the cold air, then this technology is very conducive to an individual space. This LG split AC holds a capacity of 1T. The cooling capacity of this 1T LG Split AC is 3450watts with an R410A rotatory compressor. 

The Himalaya cool Technolgy in this smart split AC cools like as if you are in the heaven. As soon as you ON the AC, you will get the privilege of the fastest cooling with just a single tap and you will never have to worry about the immediate cooling at your wish. With the Auto clean feature, it prevents bacteria and mould from breeding. The split AC controls the fan automatically in need of maximizing the energy savings. So, you can enjoy the comfortable room temperature handily. The ON/OFF timer in this 1T split AC helps in setting the time for an uninterrupted sleep. So, you don't need to be jittery about the bills too as it saves the extra power by automatically switching ON/OFF according to your settings.

LG JS-Q12BTXD 1 Ton 3-Star Split-Air Conditioner specs

There is sleep mode feature in this smart inverter AC where it automatically adjusts the room temperature to match your body temperature and also it heeds the ambient temperature of the room and diligently gives you a comfortable sleep without your waking up. It also helps in saving the energy. The LG smart inverter AC comes with a 3-star rating and it helps in saving you from high electricity bills. The indoor and outdoor dimensions of the 3-star LG split AC is 890 x 280 x 216mm and 715 x 495 x 230mm respectively. The weight of the indoor unit is 9.5kg while the outdoor is 25kg. The LG smart invert AC price in India is Rs. 40,090.

Quick Specs:

·        smart inverter technology

·        Mosquito Away Technology

·        micro dust protection filter

·        monsoon comfort technology

·        1T capacity

·        3450watts cooling capacity

·        R410A rotatory compressor

·        Himalaya cool Technolgy

·        sleep mode feature

·        3-star rating


Many 3-star split ACs have made a huge impact on the people and this time, LG has brought some unique inventions that you couldn't wait to grab it. It is one of the best split ACs in India that thought about the requisite needs of the people and as always, it raised its standard to the notch level. 

LG JS-Q12BTXD 1 Ton 3-Star Split-Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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