LG GL-D241APDX 235L Single-Door Refrigerator

Rs. 23590.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ü  4 Star BEE Rating 2017.

    ü  Removable Anti-Bacterial Gasket.

    ü  Built-in voltage stabilizer.

    ü  Smart Inverter Compressor.

 Refrigerators have evolved from a luxury to a necessity in the last few decades. It has now become a regular household appliance which is an inseparable part of the modern kitchen and is necessary to keep the kitchen functioning smoothly. The LG GL-D241APDX is a big 235L refrigerator from LG’s extensive range. It features a typical refrigerator design with a single door giving access to all the compartments inside.

It is a straight-forward design which has remained essentially unchanged over the years, with simple operations and reliability in day-to-day usage. It performs its job admirably, thanks to innovative technologies packed inside. It is backed by LG’s excellent reputation. The LG GL-D241APDX is available at a price of Rs. 22,540/- in online stores.


The LG GL-D241APDX is a single-door refrigerator made of strong ABS plastic and metal. The door is plastic painted to a high gloss. The Purple Dazzle is a gorgeous deep purple base covered with a floral design done in a lighter colour which gives it a 3D effect. This is one of the most beautiful looking refrigerators available today. The door has rounded edges on three side which flow back to give a beautiful flowing effect to the door further enhanced by the deep purple colour. The ‘Ariana’ type handle sits in a notch carved out in the rounded edge on the left side of the refrigerator.

LG GLD241APDX Refrigerator Design

The handle features chrome accents and is painted to match the colour of the refrigerator. At the back, the cooling coils are covered, but the compressor lie exposed to allow for an even airflow to the compressor, keeping it sufficiently cool. Inside the refrigerator all the shelves, racks and trays are transparent which look smart and perform extremely well. There are two trays built into the refrigerator the chiller tray and the vegetable crisper. The vegetable tray has a capacity of 21L.

LG GLD241APDX Refrigerator features

The refrigerator features three shelves made of toughened glass, with each shelf being able to handle a load up to 175 kg as per LG’s internal test standards. These shelves can be adjusted in a multitude of combinations. The top of the vegetable tray makes up a fourth shelf. There are three bottle racks and four utility racks built into the door. The LG GL-D241APDX comes mounted on a base-stand which features a built-in drawer. This drawer can be used to store vegetables which do not require refrigeration, like onions and potatoes. It also hides the refrigerator’s legs and gives it extra height.


The LG GL-D241APDX carries a 4-star BEE Rating (2017) which makes it among the most energy-efficient refrigerators available today. It is powered by a Smart Inverter Compressor which is designed to deliver unmatched performance, great savings and super-silent operations. This refrigerator features LG’s ‘Smart Connect Technology’ which helps to connect the refrigerator to any existing home inverter.

LG GLD241APDX Refrigerator Performance

The refrigerator keeps working even during power-cuts. The ‘Moist Balance Crisper’ features a special lattice type box cover which maintains moisture inside the vegetable tray at optimum level by using the moisture evaporated from the stored food and condensed on the lattice. It operates at voltages as low as 100V and as high as 290V, which negates the use of a separate stabilizer. It also features a removable anti-bacterial gasket which ensures a tight seal and thereby increase the efficiency by reducing consumption. The removable gasket be cleaned periodically to prevent build-up of pathogens and bacteria.

Inside the box:

·        LG GL-D241APDX Refrigerator

·        User Manual

·        Warranty Card

·        Keys for the built-in lock


ü  4 Star BEE Rating 2017.

ü  Removable Anti-Bacterial Gasket.

ü  Built-in voltage stabilizer.

ü  Smart Inverter Compressor.

ü  Flexible tray configuration.

ü  Smart Connect Technology.

ü  Moist Balance Crisper.


û  No door-open alarm.


The LG GL-D241APDX has a capacity of 235L and will suffice the needs of a medium-sized family. The gorgeous design and the beautiful colour make it stand out easily. It carries with it some innovative technologies like the Smart Connect Technology and a Smart Inverter Compressor which make it very energy-efficient. The LG GL-D241APDX meets the standards and expectations set by LG’s brand premium and gives excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·        Performance: 4 Stars.

·        Value for Money: 4 Stars.

LG GL-D241APDX 235L Single-Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name LG
Model Name LG GL-D241APDX 235L Single-Door Refrigerator
Model ID GL-D241APDX
Star Rating 4
Deodorizer Type NA
Capacity 235 L
Type Single door
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material T. Glass
Door Handle Ariana
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Net Height 1500mm
Net Depth 591mm
Net Width 621mm
Other Features
Other Features
Warranty 1 year

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