LG BSA24BEYD 2Ton Dual Inverter AC

Rs. 64990.00 (approx)
Rs. 51050.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        2T capacity

    ·        dual inverter compressor

    ·        dual rotary R410A compressor

    ·        monsoon comfort technology


LG BSA24BEYD dual inverter AC is an energy saving AC that ensures fast cooling!

Inverter ACs are soaring up in all ways to make our life rosy as it strives to dwindle our electricity bills which every middle-class individual think and craves for. LG AC’s have prodigiously taken a wide step to bring dual inverter ACs to deliver the righteous cooling and minimizing the bills. LG has always been the creamy topping of delivering the best split ACs. It has tracked down many ACs in order to make the individual life a cinch without any hitch. Energy saving inverters by LG are the best that it could offer in any AC. It has surmounted the expectations of an ideal AC and with every model disclosing, it ensures the quality of the brand. LG BSA24BEYD dual inverter AC is stuffed with vital features and get the detailed specs and features in this review.

LG BSA24BEYD dual inverter AC Specs:

This LG split AC holds a capacity of 2T which is a great fit for large sized rooms. The dual inverter compressor in this AC solves all your daft problems that you are surrounded with. It helps in faster cooling, dwindles the improper cooling, ensures the even cooling and also it reduces the noise and runs quieter without disturbing your relaxation mode. It comes with a 10-year warranty and you can easily enjoy the benefits of this LG AC for a longer period of time. With fast cooling, it also helps in saving the energy. This inverter compressor adjusts and maintains the compressor's speed to maintain the temperature levels as per your wish. It saves more energy rather than the traditional compressors with the power saving operation. The high-speed cooling range in this compressor in this blows the cool air and the room is claimed to cool faster than the conventional compressors.

LG BSA24BEYD 2Ton Dual Inverter AC rating

Voltage fluctuations are common these days and it is hard to withstand the fluctuations but while the LG's power circuit board is upgraded, it elevated its withstanding of voltage variations. It increases the durability of air conditioner where it brings out the safety towards high fluctuations or any power surges. It is 14% stronger than the conventional ACs. This 2T dual inverter AC is more powerful compared to its previous models.

The LG dual inverter AC comes with the monsoon comfort technology which provides the righteous cooling even during humidity and monsoon season. This technology prevents overcooling and it maintains the temperature according to the season compared to the other normal dehumidification modes in other ACs. It also ensures saving energy up to 36.4%. With this technology, you'll never be uncomfortable with the cold air and also it helps in reduction of the electricity bills. It comes with a cooling capacity of 6380 watts coupled with a dual rotary R410A compressor. The sleep mode feature in this LG smart AC ensures the peaceful sleep at nights where it automatically adjusts the temperature of the room according to your body temperature.

 LG BSA24BEYD 2Ton Dual Inverter AC features

The ON/OFF timer of this 4-star LG split AC makes you set the timer for the hours you want to ON/OFF the AC and sleep without any interruption in the middle of the nights. You also don't need to worry about the power cuts as it will automatically restart the AC with the same settings as provided earlier. The Auto air swing ensures to cool the room in every direction without leaving any corner and the horizontal and vertical louvres in this AC ensures the uniform cooling. The micro dust protection filter in this dual inverter AC shoes away the dust particles delivering the fresh air in the room.

LG BSA24BEYD 2Ton Dual Inverter AC design

The indoor dimensions of this 2T LG split AC is 998 x 330 x 210 with a weight of 11.6kg and the outdoor dimension is 870 x 660 x 360mm coupled with a weight of 39.2 kg. The LG dual inverter AC price in India is Rs. 66,990.

Quick Specs:

·        2T capacity

·        dual inverter compressor

·        dual rotary R410A compressor

·        monsoon comfort technology

·        sleep mode feature

·        ON/OFF timer

·        Multi-Protection Filter

·        6380-watt cooling capacity

·        Energy Saving

·        4-star rating


LG's dual inverter compressor has a big hand in enormous cooling and most importantly 'uniform' cooling. It is the best-in-range AC that is most lovable with the smart technologies. The comforts it provides while relaxing will make you feel over the moon and it never triggers you with the cooling as it comes with dual inverter compressor, ie; one of the most efficient compressors. 

LG BSA24BEYD 2Ton Dual Inverter AC Full Specifications

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