LG BS-18APZE 1.5Ton inverter Split AC

Rs. 38990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        1.5T

    ·        PM 1.0 Smart Sensor

    ·        built-in WiFi connectivity

    ·        5,280watts - cooling

    ·        6200watts- heating

 LG BS-18APZE Split Air conditioner 1.5 Tonnage Air Care 5 star (Heating & Cooling): Detailed specs and features.

Smart air conditioners are making a new paradigm and it has competitively raised the bars of the air conditioners style. It has marvelled its existence in most of the homes with innovative features and technologies. Deliberately taking the standards to the next level, LG has always shaken a leg with the scintillating models. With the mosquito away technology in the split ACs and smartphones, it has grabbed many eyeballs to the maxim. It has legion models but the mosquito away technology and the dual inverter compressor are quite popular among other models.  The LG BS-18APZE Split Air conditioner 1.5 Tonnage Air Care 5 star (Heating & Cooling) is tracked with salient features and get the detailed specifications and features in the below review.

LG BS-18APZE Split Air Conditioner Specs:

The split Air conditioner bears a capacity of 1.5T which is appropriate for the medium-sized rooms and also comes with a WI-FI connectivity to control the indoor air temperature anytime. This smart AC comes with PM 1.0 Smart Sensor which senses the harmful airborne particles up to PM 1.0, PM 2.5. The dexterous sensors in it will shoo away the particles and senses it valiantly. The split AC features a dual inverter compressor that saves maximum energy and ensures the high-speed cooling range. The compressor doesn't irritate you with the noise as it promises to work in silent mode. Than the conventional compressors, it gives faster cooling and lasts longer. The cooling capacity of this 1.5T LG split AC is 5,280watts with a dual rotatory compressor. The heating capacity of this 1.5T smart AC is 6200watts.

 LG BS-18APZE Split Air conditioner 1.5 Tonnage Air Care 5 star design

You can save the power consumption with just a push of the button! Yes, you can do it with the help of the active energy control. The active energy control saves your power bills and limits the power consumption from 40% to 80% of normal usage efficiently and it saves a mammoth of 57% energy. It is a diligent feature in it to save your energy and bills. The 4-way swing of this LG split AC ensures the uniform cooling and it blows the cold air in nook and cranny of the room. The horizontal and vertical louvres in this AC will leave no sides to cool the room, instead provides the best cooling. The Auto clean feature prevents the mould and bacteria entering the room and it ensures the room is fresh and hygiene.

 LG BS-18APZE Split Air conditioner 1.5 Tonnage Air Care 5 star features

The Auto restart feature of this 1.5T split AC automatically restarts the ACs with the previous settings that are before the power cut. When the power is ON, it will automatically take its place and you don't have to again struggle with the same settings. After a tireless and scorching day, you might crave for the cool air at the abrupt moment. With the Jet Cool + feature, it will give you the desired cool air in just a few minutes. The cool air will be blown as fast as it could and it is all possible with a single click. The ON/OFF timer of this LG smart AC will let you sleep uninterruptedly as you can set the timer before you go to bed and have a peaceful sleep all night. The sleep mode of this LG inverter AC will automatically adjust the room temperature with the unique processors and it will match your body metabolism rate and gives the cooling according to it so that you could have a comfortable sleep.

 LG BS-18APZE Split Air conditioner 1.5 Tonnage Air Care 5 star specs

The 1.5T LG inverter split AC comes with a 5-star rating and it will ensure to save your high electricity bills and your energy too! It has a noise level of 29 dB. The indoor dimension of this 5-star inverter AC is 1020*385*210mm with a weight of 12.1kg while the outdoor bears 870*650*330mm and comes with a weight of 43.5kg. The LG smart inverter AC price in India is Rs. 1,00,990/-


·        1.5T

·        PM 1.0 Smart Sensor

·        built-in WiFi connectivity

·         5,280watts - cooling

·        6200watts- heating

·        active energy control

·        5-star rating

·        29 dB noise level


With dual inverter compressor and the smart sensors in it, LG has elevated and aggrandized its standard and worth. A little pricey in range, it has a lot to offer in this smart AC. Definitely galloping to the smart features thumps up for it! 

LG BS-18APZE 1.5Ton inverter Split AC Full Specifications

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