Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G 190 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator

Rs. 12990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  190 L capacity

    3 Star rating

    Single Door

    Fast Freezing

Refrigerators are the silent heroes in any household. They are among the most under-rated appliances in the kitchen. They are taken for granted until they break down. Only then people realize the importance of this appliance. In today’s world of Internet of Things, even the humble refrigerator can be connected with its owner and other appliances and “talk” to them.

The Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G does not connect to the internet. It’s a rare breed which does its job without “talking”. It does its job of keeping food fresh and liquids cool without any hassles or hang-ups. It is the quintessential refrigerator with a single door and a capacity of 190L. It is available for a price of Rs. 12,990/- in online stores


The Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G is a single door refrigerator and it belongs to the Nutricool series from Kelvinator. The body is made from ABS plastic and is painted with a PCM, High Gloss Finish. The Geometry Red colour is a deep red colour decorated with a geometrical pattern which gives it a sleek, contemporary look. The design spans the entire length of the door on the right side.

The door opens to the right side and the handle at the top is molded into the door. The handle’s colour is darker than the body making it stand out and giving visual cues of its utility. At the back, the cooling coils and the compressor are exposed unlike in costlier refrigerators where it is sealed inside a plastic backing.

Kelvinator KW203EFYR Refrigerator  Dimension

On the inside, there is the 14L freezer at the top which features ‘Manual Twist and Release’ ice-cube trays. There is no light in the freezer compartment. Below the freezer is the chiller tray which pulls out. There are two wire shelves in the main body of the refrigerator with the top of the vegetable tray acting as a third shelf. The wire shelves can be adjusted as required. Finally, there’s the vegetable tray which is sufficiently deep.

In the door, there are two bottle racks and two utility racks. One of the utility racks can accommodate an egg tray. None of these racks are adjustable. The refrigerator can be locked using the built-in lock. It is quite compact for its capacity and can fit into the tightest of corners. It stands on four rubber feet which give it stability and grounding. The refrigerator weighs in at 33kg.


The Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G is certified with a 3 Star BEE Rating (2016) for Energy Savings up to 45%. It features a reciprocatory compressor along with Natural Convection Air Flow system. It does not support Express cooling. The temperature can be adjusted by a manual knob.

The thick PUF insulation and the removable anti-bacterial gasket ensure a tight seal thereby increasing the cooling and energy efficiency. The refrigerator comes with a built-in deodorizer which helps in curtailing smelly situations inside.

Kelvinator KW203EFYR Refrigerator  Features

The door-open alarm is missing in action here. Ideally, it should have been included as an open refrigerator door wastes energy and increases electricity consumption. The rest of the features work as advertised. The power consumption of the Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G is 335 kWh and it does not require a separate stabilizer.


·         Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G Refrigerator

·         User Manual

·         Warranty Card

·         Keys for the built-in lock


ü  3 Star BEE Rating 2016 energy efficient.

ü  Thick PUF Insulation.

ü  Reciprocatory Compressor.

ü  Anti-bacterial Gasket.

ü  Built-in voltage stabilizer.

ü  Flexible tray configuration.

ü  Deodorizer.


û  No door-open alarm.


The Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G has a capacity of 190 Ltr and it will serve the needs of a small family quite comfortably. With its compact size and an attractive design, it is a useful addition to any kitchen. The features and conveniences included at this price point make it a good buy and excellent value for money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G 190 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Kelvinator
Model Name Kelvinator KW203EFYR/G 190 Ltr Single Door Refrigerator
Model ID KW203EFYR/G
Star Rating 3 STARS
Deodorizer Type Frost Free
Capacity 190L
No of Doors 1
Body Features
Shelf Material NA
Door Handle YES
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 4
Egg Tray YES
Freezer Features
Ice Tray YES
Weight 33KG
Net Height 1175
Net Depth 650
Net Width 524
Other Features
Other Features Refrigerator and Freezer Interior Light: LED, Energy Grade1, Display and Control: LED, 9 Smart Sensors, Twin Cooling
Warranty 1 YEAR

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