Kelvinator KW183E-BR 17 Ltr Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator

Rs. 10090.00 (approx)
Rs. 10900.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -Capacity: 170 L

    -3 Star BEE Rating 
    - Power Requirement: 220 V, 50 Hz

The Kelvinator KW183E-BR 170 Ltr Refrigerator is the most under-rated appliance in any household. Nobody thinks much about them until they stop working. The latest avatars of this humble appliance have turned smart and can now talk with their owners or other appliances in the house via the internet.

The Kelvinator KW183E-BR does not belong to the smart breed and cannot talk to its owners or any other appliances. But it does its job it was made for. Cooling liquids and keeping food fresh without breaking down. It also manages to look smart while doing so. It is available priced at around Rs. 10,900/- in online stores.


·         Brand: Kelvinator

·         Model ID: KW183E-BR

·         Series: Nutricool

·         Type: Single Door

·         Refrigerator Type: Top Freezer Refrigerator

·         Defrosting Type: Direct Cool

·         Compressor Type: Reciprocatory Compressor

·         Refrigerator Capacity: 170 L

·         Star Rating: 3 Star BEE Rating 2016

·         Built-in Stabilizer: Yes

·         Air Flow Type: Natural Convection

·         Temperature Control: Manual Knob

·         Express Freezing: Yes

·         Moisture Control: Yes

·         Other Performance Features: Humidity Controller

·         Body Material: Painted

·         Handle Material: Plastic / ABS

·         Shelf Material: Toughened Glass

·         Handle Type: Integrated Handle

·         Design: Painted (Burgundy Red)

·         Door Finish: Painted

·         Door Lock: Yes

·         Gasket Type: Anti-Bacterial Gasket

·         Door Alarm: No

·         Deodorizer: Yes

·         Power Consumption: 330 Kwh

·         Power Requirement: 220 V, 50 Hz

·         Stabilizer Required: No

·         Number of Refrigerator Shelves: 2

·         Refrigerator Interior Light: Yes

·         Egg Tray: Yes

·         Number of Crispers: 1

·         Number of Refrigerator Drawers: 2

·         Number of Refrigerator Bottle Racks: 2

·         Gross Freezer Capacity: 14 L

·         Freezer Interior Light: No

·         Freezer Tray Type: Ice Tray

·         Ice Cube Tray Type: Manual Twist and Release

·         Insulation Type: Thick PUF Insulation

·         Dimensions: (H) 1092 mm x (D) 622 mm x (W) 530 mm

·         Weight: 25 kg


ü  3 Star BEE Rating 2016; energy efficient.

ü  Thick PUF Insulation.

ü  Reciprocatory Compressor.

ü  Anti-bacterial Gasket.

ü  Built-in voltage stabilizer.


û  No door-open alarm.


·         Kelvinator KW183E-BR 150 Ltr Refrigerator

·         User Manual

·         Warranty Card


The Kelvinator KE183E-BR is a single door refrigerator which belongs to the Nutricool series from Kelvinator. The Burgundy Red color is deep and glossy giving the refrigerator an instant look of class and high quality. The door opens to the right and the handle, which is adorned in a Burgundy and Chrome dual-finish, is located at the top left side of the refrigerator. The handle is big and chunky and allows for a firm and secure grip.

Kelvinator KW183E-BR 17 Ltr Direct-cool Refrigerator Price

Below the handle is the lock for locking the refrigerator whenever required. It is also finished in chrome. Both of them offer a pleasing contrast on the Burgundy Red expanse of the door. The refrigerator is quite compact for its capacity and can easily fit into the tightest of spaces. The four rubber feet it stands on give it stability and grounding.

The rack, the bottle racks and the trays inside are made of strong clear plastic and the trays are made of strong wire mesh. The Refrigerator has 2 shelves, 2 bottle racks and 2 trays in addition to the freezer box at the top.


The Kelvinator KW183E-BR has a certified 3 Star BEE Rating (2016) and it quite energy efficient. It uses the Natural Convection Air Flow system and supports express cooling the anti-bacterial gasket around the door and thick PUF insulation on all sides ensures a tight seal increases the cooling and lowers the energy consumption.

Kelvinator KW183E-BR 17 Ltr Direct-cool Refrigerator Price

The missing door-open alarm should have been included here. If the refrigerator door is left open for too long, precious energy is wasted and results in increased electricity consumption. The rest of the features work as advertised.


The Kelvinator KW183E-BR has a capacity of 170 Ltr which is sufficient to fulfill the needs of a small family with ease. The attractive looks and the compact size will definitely make it a valuable addition to any kitchen. The number of features and clever utilities like the adjustable shelves give it a good value for money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

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