Intex IT-2490 FMU BT 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

Rs. 2179.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The Sensitivity of the speaker is < 500mV RMS @ 1KHz.The FM Frequency Receiver frequency is 88MHz to 108MHz.

Intex IT- 2490 FMU BT is a lovely Intex speakers which come with an amazing performance. And looks quite decent with its design. The output power of the speaker is 40W. This is a beautifully looking 2.1 Channel multimedia speaker which offers great performance.


The look of the Intex IT- 2490 FMU BT speaker is quite good and easily usable type. It comes with a small display on the front where you can see the working mode. And just below it, comes with a small LED light that is really nice. It got this cute and compact design which is quite portable and easily connectable.

Intex IT- 2490 FMU BT - design

It comes with a remote control which is fully functional. All the controls come on the front side. It got this four control buttons. And there are two knobs for volume and the bass. It also comes with a USB portability. The branding also comes on the three units of the speaker.


Intex IT- 2490 FMU BT is a 2.1 Channel multimedia speaker compatible with USB/BT/FM. Total power output of the speaker is (woofer)20W + (satellites)10W x 2. The impedance of the speaker is 4Ω. The Frequency Response of the Main Unit is 40Hz ~ 200Hz and the Satellite is 200Hz ~ 20 KHz. The S/N Ratio is > 55dB. Separation is > 35dB.

intex IT- 2490 FMU BT - features

The Sensitivity of the speaker is < 500mV RMS @ 1KHz.The FM Frequency Receiver frequency is 88MHz to 108MHz. The required power supply is AC 220V ~ 240V/50Hz. Controls such as  Rotary type Volume & Bass control, Play/Pause/Scan, Mode, Previous/Vol-, Next/Vol+ are available.

The speaker can be connected to Bluetooth and the Bluetooth range is up to 7 to 10mts.It has AUX audio input compatible with DVD/PC/TV. Remote control is also available.


This is a wonderful speaker with great sound. IT also has these connectivities such as BT and USB mode which allows you to connect easily. This is the speaker which suits best for desktop and PCS. The design is also good. But the speaker feels quite delicate and the life of the speaker seems doubtful.

The Bluetooth connectivity gives great and easy connectivity so that you can play music from anywhere. In performance wise, this is one of the best speakers I have seen these days but it lacks inbuilt quality.


The performance of the Intex IT- 2490 FMU BT 2.1 Channel multimedia speaker is an outstanding speaker that give an amazing performance. It is a perfect speaker for your laptop or desktop. But the speaker unit feels more delicate. The pricing of the speaker is reasonable and the price of the speaker is around 2.5K.

Intex IT-2490 FMU BT 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker Full Specifications

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