Intex IT-230 SUF 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Rs. 1644.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • { Portable form factor.

    { Included remote control.

    { Built-in FM radio.

    { Multiple input sources.

What makes a good audio-visual system? It is the right balance of the audio and the visual which makes a good entertainment system. One is incomplete without the other. Even if one of them is of the highest quality and the other one doesn’t match up it brings the whole experience crashing down like a house of cards. The Intex IT-230 SUF is a 2.1 channel speaker setup which gives a good-quality sound output at a very affordable price. The output is crystal-clear, even at high volumes without a hint of distortion.

Intex IT 230 SUF Speakers Design

Intex Speaker has a very wide range of frequency response from 40Hz to 20 kHz. The setup which includes a subwoofer and two satellite speakers has a combined peak output RMS of 20W. The included remote control proves to be handy in daily operations. The built-in FM radio provides hours of entertainment without worrying about playlists and it also accepts inputs from multiple sources. This setup comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Intex IT-230 SUF is available at a price of Rs. 1,371/- in online stores.


The Intex IT-230 SUF is a very compact set of speakers comprising of 1 main subwoofer unit and 2 satellite speakers. It is built out of acoustic-friendly materials; wood and plastic and is a portable and light-weight system. The subwoofer unit is finished in matte black and sports a large analog volume knob nestled in a silver painted crater, on the face. The silver and black contrast each other very well and make the unit stand out visually.

Intex IT 230 SUF Speakers Features

The volume knob sports a dark chrome finish. The digital buttons are all laid out is a straight row below the silver crater. There are four buttons; Mode, Previous, Play/Pause and Next. Below these buttons are the IR Receiver, sd-card slot, and a USB port. Both the satellites sport a glossy finish and their faces are dominated by the speakers which they house. All the three speakers carry the Intex branding on the bottom of the front side. All-in-all these are well-designed and well-built speakers.


The Intex IT-230 SUF is a 2.1 channel speaker setup which includes a separate subwoofer for that killer bass output. The mids, highs, and lows are taken care of by the 2 satellite speakers. The 2.1 arrangement also enables a surround sound setup with proper arrangement of individual speakers. The frequency range of the subwoofer is 40Hz ~ 200Hz and for the satellites, it is 200Hz ~ 20 kHz. The output from the subwoofer peaks at 10W and that from the satellites peaks at 5W each, for a combined output, peaking at 20W.

Intex IT 230 SUF Speakers Performance

The acoustic-friendly plastic and wood construction helps in delivering deep and crystal-clear sound. Of course, this setup won’t be able to stand up to some of the more expensive setups, but at this price point, this is as good as it gets. The built-in FM radio is useful when the music collection runs out. It also accepts input from external sources like the sd-card and USB drive. The Intex IT delivers a reasonably good quality output.

          INSIDE THE BOX:

µ  Intex IT-230 SUF Sub-Woofer

µ  2 Intex IT-230 SUF Satellite Speakers

µ  Remote Control (Battery Included)

µ  User Manual


{ Portable form factor.

{ Included remote control.

{ Built-in FM radio.

{ Multiple input sources.

{ Wood and Plastic construction.


Ø  No LED display on the main unit.


The Intex IT-230 SUF is a great little 2.1 channel speaker setup which delivers good quality sound at a reasonable price. Some nifty utilities like the bundled remote-control, the built-in FM radio and a variety of input sources makes this a versatile sound system which is also light-weight and portable. The sound output is loud and clear, courtesy of the wood and plastic construction. All-in-all, the Intex IT-230 SUF offers a great value for the buyer’s money.


v  Performance: 3 Stars.

v  Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Intex IT-230 SUF 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Full Specifications

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