iBall MJ BT9 2.1 Home Theater Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 2197.00 (approx)
Rs. 2749.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • LED display, total power 28watts, Bluetooth, USB,, SD inputs, FM radio

Enjoy Big sound, portable connectivity and incredible beauty with iBall MJ BT9 speakers. It gives you the 2.1 surround Multimedia system at home, it got appealing design combined with down firing woofer design. The speaker has an excellent design with its glossy panels. This is a 28W output speaker. Jumping into the in-depth review of the iBall MJ BT9 Multimedia speaker.


The iBall MJ BT9 2.1 Multimedia speakers have an incredible and attractive design as it bears glossy front panels with controls. The LED display on the front is large enough to see from a distance. The subwoofer is made of the wooden cabinet with the down-firing design.The satellites are constructed of polycarbonate.The overall finish of the speaker is somewhat shiny.The woofer system bears front panel commands. The LED display is somewhat entertaining. There is a knob for bass control. Even the woofer comes in a plastic torso. There is a power on/off button at the back.

The dimensions of the woofer are 15(W) x 26(H) x 27(D) in cm and the dimensions of the satellites are 8.6(W) x 15(H) x 8(D) in cm. The package contents are a subwoofer, 2 satellite speakers. It is escorted by a remote control.


iBall MJ BT9 is a 2.1 Home Theater Bluetooth speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The woofer driver size is 4 inches. And the satellite driver unit is 3 inches. The total sound output of the speaker is 28W where the woofer gives 8W output and satellites give 3W output. Provided 1-year limited warranty. The stereo jack is also available. The frequency response is 55Hz ~ 20kHz. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity with a reach up to 10mtrs. Available USB card reader. Built-in FM Radio. The S/N ratio is ≥ 70dB. Available control functions are Power On/Off, Mode/Stand By, Volume, Play/Pause, Next and Previous. Available multiple input options such as 2.1 | USB | SD/MMC. 


It provides High quality 2.1 Speaker with Soothing Sound Effects. And the best thing is you can Stream Music wirelessly from any BT enabled devices.  It has multiple inputs for easy access. Get your favorite FM channels with its inbuilt FM radio.You will find the 2.1 surround system is incredible. The design is awesome as it also includes convenient controls on the front panel. The bass is deep with down firing subwoofer. The output is sufficient for a medium sized room. The design is glossy and impressive. The remote control offers easy operation. The remote is small and looking cute. The display is more helpful than you ever imagined as it shows the current working mode.


ü  Grade A design

ü  Worthy sound quality




Overall, the iBall MJ BT9 2.1 Multimedia speaker is a full-featured Bluetooth speaker with enjoyable audio quality giving great convenience. The speaker comes with an outstanding design and amazing audio. The price of the speaker is affordable. The speaker is available at a price of Rs 2,700/-Flipkart.

iBall MJ BT9 2.1 Home Theater Bluetooth Speaker Full Specifications

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