Hitachi Kashikoi 5400i Inverter split AC RSA518CAEA

Rs. 62990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        capacity of 1.5T

    ·        Stainless Steel Coated Filter

    ·        Tropical Inverter Technology

    ·        5-star rating

    ·        100% Copper

 Hitachi, a Chinese company has tracked down many products in the recent times. It has set its benchmark and has delivered the best-in range products for the consumers. ACs are the indelible product and its value is never going to dwindle in the coming years too. As it is the quintessential appliance in every home, the competitors are raging battles with ample features to amaze the users. Each company has ignited its brand with the attractive features and only few could make it to the best. Hitachi has been in form for many years and its budding with a new inverter split AC and let's see the detailed specs in this review.

Hitachi Inverter split AC RSA518CAEA Specs:

The Hitachi Inverter split AC holds a capacity of 1.5T. The image sensor technology in this Hitachi split AC gives even cooling avoiding the wastage of cooling. It ensures the uniform cooling while saving the energy to the maximum. After a tireless day and hectic work, you all deserve a peaceful sleep and every person hanker for a good sleep and why not, its the part of our daily activity. So, a good sleep coupled with good air is just all you need to have in your space and this air sleep cooling control technology gives you all you want while you are asleep.


According to a person's activity movements, this technology helps you to maintain the temperature and it spreads evenness all around so that you could wake up freshly without any dizziness all day. The infrared sensor in this technology detects the human's movements and it catches it dexterously like any other technology. If there is no movement detected, then the temperature ingeniously increases the temperature by 1 °C per hour for 2 hours. So, with this technology, you could sleep peacefully without any irritation at the midnight due to the fluctuating temperature as it automatically adjusts the temperature.

If you are dubious about the dust particles entering the room, then there is an awesome technology instilled to shoo away them. The Auto Filter cleaning technology filters all the dust particles and it will ensure the clean air around keeping you healthy.

The entire unit is covered with Stainless Steel Coated Filter. The copper used in 100% pure and there are no other amalgamations included. It improves the indoor air quality. The 4-way swing in this inverter split AC ensures that the cooling spreads uniformly and the horizontal and vertical louvre present in it ensures that the cooling doesn't stay at bay even at corners. It reaches every corner and space to give you pleasurable cooling needed. It comes with an LCD control remote where the buttons are visible in the dark or dim light so that you can access the remote any time.

The tropical inverter technology helps the room to cool fast and it also helps in saving energy. It ensures high-level cooling at the extreme and scorching heat compared to the other 5-star ACs. This split AC is an eco-friendly refrigerant where it has a zero-ozone depleting potential and it is also less susceptible to global warming potential which is in rage now. The soft dry technology helps in preventing any bacteria and toxic substances.

The Hitachi Inverter split AC price in India is Rs. 63,290.


·        capacity of 1.5T

·        Stainless Steel Coated Filter

·        Tropical Inverter Technology

·        5-star rating

·        100% Copper

·        Eco Green Refrigerant R-410A

·        4 Way Swing

·        Auto Filter cleaning technology

·        soft dry technology


The Hitachi appliances are termed to be the best products in India. Its elegance and its invariability in features and specs are nonpareil. Their standards are matchless. Many budget inverter split ACs have made a grand presence in the market, but Hitachi, being unique in its range has empowered its presence. So, this 1.5T inverter split AC has grabbed the eyeballs and is best-in-range. 

Hitachi Kashikoi 5400i Inverter split AC RSA518CAEA Full Specifications

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