Hitachi RAU312KWD 1 Tons 3 Star Split AC

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Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the air conditioner indoor and outdoor unit are 730x290x230mm and 750x548x288mm, weight is 9.5kg and 32.5kgs. I

The latest HITACHI split Air conditioner with a 1.5-ton Capacity 5 star is trending right now because of its low budget price range and reachable to all kinds of customers. It is availed with the brand warranty of 1+5 years respectively. 


The Hitachi RAU312KWD air conditioner looks unique with the pearl white color. It is really amazing. The branding comes exactly in the center. The auto air guide is very wide and moves up and down supplying air to the entire room and reaching every corner.

Led notification lights are also available. The air conditioner is very simple and easy to operate. The digital display is provided at the right corner just beside the auto air guides. The air conditioner looks very good and matches the interior of the house or office.

The compressor was of High EER Rotary embedded with the copper condenser. This sturdy split air conditioner is going to be a part of your homes for several years with its longer life. 


Hitachi RAU312KWD is an air conditioner comes with a capacity of 1 tonnage. The energy efficiency rating is 3.49 EER.  Moreover, it was 3 stars rated air conditioner which consumes the least energy when compared to any other air conditioners.

The indoor noise was 36db and the Condensing coil was embedded with quality copper which ensures long life. The product runs on the power supply of 230 Volts and with the single phase of 50Hz frequency only. Further, it has LED display and LCD remote control for easy access. Auto Restart, on and off timers and Dry mode functions are available.

The dimensions of the air conditioner indoor and outdoor unit are 730x290x230mm and 750x548x288mm, weight is 9.5kg and 32.5kgs. It does come with a cooling capacity of 3147 watts. Air flow circulation level is 425CFM. Power consumption is 1030 watts.


The split air conditioner comes with an immense cooling technology. The compressor delivers high performance even in hot summers. The air conditioner is ok in terms of performance. It does have the strong body and even inner components are very strong.

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is also high which is around 3457 which is nearly equal to a 1.5-ton capacity air conditioner. The features available are also good.

It is a 3-star air conditioner and consumes only 1050 watts which are really cool. It is provided with the powerful mode which cools the room in a less time. This is an air conditioner which exactly everyone should use.


You will never become hot, even while paying the electricity bills because this air conditioner consumes the least energy even it is a 3 star rated. Hitachi was really a great air conditioner because of its fast cooling and low power consumption. Available at a price range of Rs.28, 803/- in the snap deal. The technology provided is really amazing and pricing is very less.

Hitachi RAU312KWD 1 Tons 3 Star Split AC Full Specifications

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