Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Summer TM RAT518HUD Window Air conditioner

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Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the main unit are 660 x 430 x 805 mm and 66 kgs weight.

Here comes Hitachi Air conditioner which is a Japan company that looks amazingly beautiful. The Hitachi Company comes with a number of products that has huge quality as well as reputation. The capacity of the product was 1.5 ton and the energy rating was 5 star. The air conditioner is window model air conditioner.


Hitachi RAT518HUD comes in Mono white color. It looks quite different when compared to another air conditioner of window type. There is a stripped pattern in the middle and the blowers are present at the either side.  The branding comes in the middle. 

The LED panel is at the bottom and the entire bottom panel is black in color with the glassy finish. This is an air conditioner which you have ever seen before. The device comes with the different look.

Hitachi RAT518HUD  5 stars 1_5 ton window

The dimensions of the main unit are 660 x 430 x 805 mm and 66 kgs weight. The condenser coil is made of copper. Embedded with R – 22 refrigerant gas.


The capacity of Hitachi RAT518HUD is 1.5 ton and the energy star rating is 5 star. Available in mono white color. The air circulation levels are up to 500 CFM. The noise levels are 46db. Up and down Air swing options are available.

The auto cooling feature is available. Auto- Restart, Auto Timers for on and off, Auto Cleaning mode and Sleep mode are available options. However Dehumidifier, Jet cooling options and night glow buttons are not available in this product. The power supply of 230 volts with Single phase and 50 Hz frequency is required for running the device.

The power consumption of the air conditioner is 1575 watts.  And brand warranty of 5 years on compressor and 1 year on the body is provided by the manufacturer. Wireless LCD Remote, Twin Motor Technology, Filter Clean Indicator, Digilock are available. Modes like are Auto Power Save Mode, Powerful Mode, My Mode. Additional features like Precoated Aluminium Fins, Power Index, Extra Heat Exchanger, and Uniform Air Distribution are provided.


Hitachi RAT518HUD is well designed and looks advanced. The design itself looks completely different. It has been embedded with the best features available. The maintenance of the air conditioner is really easy.

The air circulation levels which is up to 500 CFM is the very good feature in the product which will be adaptable. The air swing options for up and down and side to side results in easy and uniform cooling of the surroundings. However, the same for right and left swing directions are not available.

The LED glow display is a unique and different feature in the product. The LCD remote control is provided but there are no night glow buttons on the same. And the price range at which it is available is very affordable. It is better to have a good looking air conditioner instead of a routine one.


Hitachi RAT518HUD air conditioner has the best design as well as features and high air circulation capacity and filters contents. Available at a price range of Rs. 36,900/- in the nearby stores and online shops too. This is mostly of the affordable kind. 

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Summer TM RAT518HUD Window Air conditioner Full Specifications

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