Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star RAW318KVDI Window Air Conditioner

Rs. 29004.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the air conditioner are 680 x 660 x 428 mm. The weight of the unit is 53 Kgs.


Let’s go to the world of Hitachi, this is a window air conditioner combined with ultimate technology that you have ever seen. It comes with a high-efficiency compressor of capacity 1.5 ton with a BEE star rating of 3.


The design of the Window Hitachi RAW318KVDI air conditioner is subtle and suits all types of rooms. It has a sleek design which can be fitted into a window. The installation is hazel free. It is provided with the cleanable removable front panel. The horizontal and vertical panels provide air in different directions.

It is provided digital display and manual buttons where it comes with glossy black finish background making it look luxurious. Easy-reach front manual buttons are available and beside resides the digital display. The auto air guide slot is on the right and the vents look wavy which is really cute.

This air conditioner doesn’t look like the boring air conditioner which you have seen. The air conditioner is white colored made up of strong plastic which tends to be for longer periods without breakage. The branding at the bottom written in black color.


Hitachi RAW318KVDI window air conditioner comes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnage range with a BEE 3 star rating which denotes the power consumption. Fan Speed setting is also available. It has a noise level of 50 dB. The dry mode is available.

Energy saver mode is provided. Supplemented with powder coated body. The AC runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz. Rotary compressor is embedded. General power consumption is 1735 watts @ 7.4 amps. Remote control is also available.

hitech RAW318KVDI 1_5 ton 3 stars Window

The dimensions of the air conditioner are 680 x 660 x 428 mm. The weight of the unit is 53 Kgs. Additional features such as Multi Jet Condenser, Anti-corrosion Fin, and Low Ambient Cooling: 15°C to 52°C are provided.


The Hitachi RAW318KVDI air conditioner does look cool in all angles. It does provide cooling in an efficient way with all the features available. The air conditioner does come with a dehumidification mode. Dust filters are also available for cleaning dust in the air and making it safe for breathing.

The air conditioner keeps the air dry by removing moisture in the room with moisture removal technology. The noise levels are ok and mostly don’t interrupt the ongoing business. The air conditioner has multi-jet condenser for faster cooling. The working temperatures are 15degrees to 52 degrees temperature. 

The 3-star rating ensures that electricity bill is maintained low with the reduction in consumption of power supply. The inbuilt components give a long life to the air conditioner making it last for years.

The design and built quality are really good and it is also supplemented with anti-corrosive fins. This window air conditioner is availed with a warranty of 1 year and a compressor warranty of 5 years.


The windows Hitachi RAW318KVDI air conditioner from the Hitachi Company is the best and ultimate solution to escape the summer heat. It is available at a suitable price range with efficient performance. It is available at a price of Rs 28,775/- @ Amazon. The best I liked about the air conditioner is its design and if I have to go for a window air conditioner I would just buy this.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star RAW318KVDI Window Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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