Hitachi 1.2 Ton 3 Star Zunoh 3200f RAU314AWD Split AC

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Quick Specs:

  • The indoor unit dimensions are 798 X 295 X 245 mm and weight around 9.5Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 750 X 548 X 288 mm and weight of the outdoor unit are 32.4kgs

Hitachi RAU314AWD is an air conditioner from the Hitachi Company which is best suited for small and medium size rooms. It comes with a high-end technology as well as long lasting life. It does have a 1.2 Ton Capacity with a very good star rating of 3.


This is a 1.2 Ton capacity air conditioner which is white in color. The indoor unit is plastic and looks subtle. The air conditioner does provide an elegant remote control with LCD display. The remote is very modern and easily understandable.

It is very strong ad will not be broken for the simple touch. It does come with strong internal components supporting long life. It looks very decent. The logo is very nice and attractive with the blue finish.

The rotary compressor supplemented is really very efficient providing maximum cooling. The air conditioner works on a very low sound which helps you to sleep or work comfortably.

It has fixed and Swing Louvers which helps to adjust the air flow and covers the longer distance. The air conditioner can also be cleaned very easily.


Hitachi RAU314AWD has a capacity of 1.2 tonnage range and 3-star energy rating. Available with a cooling capacity of 3810 watts. The air conditioner needs a power supply of 230 volts on single phase with 50 Hz and a power consumption of 6.9 Amps.

The general power consumption of the air conditioner is 1170 watts. The energy efficiency rating is 3.26. Air circulation is 450CFM. It has a noise level of 34 dB for the indoor unit.The indoor unit dimensions are 798 X 295 X 245 mm and weight around 9.5Kgs.

Hitachi RAU314AWD - features

The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 750 X 548 X 288 mm and weight of the outdoor unit are 32.4kgs.Rotary – R22 compressor with the copper condenser is provided which is supplied with anti-rust coating. LED display on the indoor unit.


The Hitachi RAU314AWD air conditioner comes with one touch silent feature which instantly reduces the noise of the air conditioner. Your home will become amazingly cool with this air conditioner. It is really a powerful air conditioner.

It has many modes like auto mode and cool mood and you can select the prescribed. It is equipped with a more powerful compressor. It is also available at a less price which is really a deal breaker. The components are also made up of great quality for long lasting performance.

As it is a 3 Star rated air conditioner it consumes the limited amount of power. The front panel can be opened for easy cleaning. Just wash the vents under the water and make sure entire dust has been cleaned.


Hitachi RAU314AWD air conditioner is best in every way with all the latest cooling as well as cleaning technology. It got the simple design and the great body and it does come with eco-friendly components. It is available at just Rs 31,700/- ALL the goodness is packed in this Hitachi air conditioner.  

Hitachi 1.2 Ton 3 Star Zunoh 3200f RAU314AWD Split AC Full Specifications

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