Haier HRB-3404PKG-R 320 Ltr Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Rs. 30663.00 (approx)
Rs. 31991.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 320 liters capacity, LED lamp, 3 shelves, ice tray

Haier HRB-3404PKG-R is a special double door refrigerator where the freezer comes at the bottom. The wonderful refrigerator is right back to you to give wonderful cooling in this hot roaring summer. Icing and cool water is no problem just freshen up and your ice cubes will be ready in just 60 minutes.This is a 320 L double door refrigerator with frost free technology. Breaking out the detailed performance and review of the Haier 320L Frost free refrigerator.


The Haier HRB-3404PKG-R 320 Ltr refrigerator has been designed as the bottom freezer refrigerator. This is totally new and groundbreaking design. Having VCM door finish. By this 90 % bending will be cut in an effort to use the refrigerator. The design is rather fresh and suits all modern homes. The built-in stabilizer is available for safe working. The Haier branding is available in the top middle, which got mixed up with the vividness of the fridge. The top refrigerator design is wonderful as it gets 2 times bigger vegetable crisper. Store all the food you want. Overall to say it is simply like a normally tilted fridge. The door lock is too usable.

Haier 320 L HRB-3404PKG-R design

Ther is a temperature control knob at the rear of the stands and the LED lamp is at the peak. The proportions of the refrigerator are 595x641.5x1600 centimeter. The overall aim of the Haier fridge is in effect and the compressor is constructed of eco-friendly elements. It has adjustable front feet and rear bases.


Haier HRB-3404PKG-R double door refrigerator comes with a 320 L gross capacity. Available super cool function. Having a net capacity of 278 liters. It arrives with 1-hour icing technology. It is supplemented with M = Mechanical control system. The temperature control knob is available. Moisture lock is provided for the vegetable container. Deodorizer is available. Provided with Reciprocatory Compressor. This is a down freezer refrigerator. It has an anti-fungal casket. Available deodorizer. Provided with removable racks. No stabilizer required.  It has one-hour icing technology.

Haier 320 L HRB-3404PKG-R features


Get hassle-free operation with Haier 320L fridge is provided with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and 9 years on compressor.


Achieve the desired temperature in few minutes. The optimum temperatures keep food fresh simultaneously giving ice cubes in the freezer. This is a frost free refrigerator where there is no frost and you can simply use it whenever you want. The design is so innovative and it really reduces the work of bending many times.It also looks and matches to suits your wonderful kitchen in the best manner.The glass finish is outstanding. This is a wonderful cooling solution to store food in a better manner. Forget about bending with top refrigerator and down freezer design.

Haier 320 L HRB-3404PKG-R interior

Refrigerator compartments                                  

An ice pack, VC fresh, fruit case, candy box, Automatic Door Closer/Stopper, 3 utility door shelves, a dry fruit shelf, 3racks, LED lights, the vegetable tray which is transparent, 2 refrigerator door shelves for storing water bottles. An Egg Tray, Vegetable Tray.The door lock is available.

Freezer Compartment Features

Twist and serve ice trays, 3 shelves.


The Haier HRB-3404PKG-R 320Ltr capacity double door fridge is rated 3 stars and cuts your electricity bills.

Haier 320 L HRB-3404PKG-R price


ü  Bottom freezer design

ü  Increased vegetable crisper capacity

ü  One hour icing technology


û  High price


The Haier HRB-3404PKG-R fridge is a wonderful bottom freezer refrigerator with efficient cooling technology and keeps food fresh all time.The price of the Haier 320 Ltr frost free double door refrigerator is price at Rs 33,100/-

Haier HRB-3404PKG-R 320 Ltr Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Haier
Model Name HRB-3404PKG-R
Model ID HRB-3404PKG-R
Star Rating 3
Deodorizer Type YES
Capacity 320 liters
Type Double Door
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Door Handle NA
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray YES
Freezer Features
Ice Tray YES
Weight 60kg
Net Height 641.5cm
Net Depth 1600cm
Net Width 595 cm
Other Features
Other Features Bottom Mounted Refrigerator,1 Hour Icing Technology (1HIT)
Warranty 1 YEAR

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