Garmin Vivosmart HR Black (010-01955-80) Activity Tracker

Rs. 13990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The size of the display is 1” x 0.42” with a resolution of 160 x 168 pixels.

This is the latest fitness band baring a heartbeat sensor. And the pricing made it perfect and mostly reachable. This is a 24/7 activity tracker.


Going over the physical features it is available with two sizes one is regular and extra-large for your reference in this video here I am wearing the regular size but because of this watch like locking system, there is a plenty room for adjustment on both small to medium sized wrists. The main straps are very soft and flexible and more importantly, they are breathable for me.

The main display the brains of the devices is hard plastic and although the photos and video it looks a stick up a bit here. But while we are in viewing in person it is not gargantuan or unusually large now. If you see the budget model the Vivo fit from the Garmin is very similar in size and style.

garmin 010-01955-80 Design

You will be wearing this 24/7 and it’s been very comfortable and easy to wear even though there is a protruding piece under the band where the optical heart rate sensor is located. And you can wear this in the shower and supports five ATM waterproof design.


The Garmin 010-01955-80 flaunts a big display which is comfortable to read on and has pretty good visibility in all conditions and it does have a backlit. The size of the display is 1” x 0.42” with a resolution of 160 x 168 pixels.

garmin 010-01955-80 Display


The Garmin smart band is provided with a battery which stays around 5 days after once charged. It is provided with heart rate sensor. It comes with Bluetooth for syncing with the iPhone or android mobiles and syncs very fast than the usual. The app provided is very good and constantly getting better. The Garmin is providing constant updates to the app which is awesome.

garmin 010-01955-80 Features


Let us take a look at the very fluid touch sensitive screen here with a menu access button to the right and the band will always show you the time and the date and below this, I have always loved this feature about garment devices is called a moving bar. It has a nice feature and nice remainder

when you are sitting stationary for too long after one our this first big bar shows up as every 15 min that would go buy a smaller additional bar will reveal itself until you have reached a total of four smaller ones and a total two hour basically of you not really moving around and indeed the band will give you a decent vibration here to the wrist and alert you to get up and move.

Swiping right again offers how many flights of stairs you have climbed next is a number of active minutes that you have had for the week and the following is the calories burned and much more.


This is a perfect wearable fitness assistance which everybody requires these days. It does come with amazing tracking abilities of your lifestyle. This is very useful. I would just buy this and gift it to my laziest Befit is available for just RS 10,999/-

Garmin Vivosmart HR Black (010-01955-80) Activity Tracker Full Specifications

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