Garmin vivoactive smartwatch

Rs. 15990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • It is provided with a Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is provided with Pace Alert, Vibration Alert. It is provided with Blue tooth and call function

The Garmin Vivo active comes with a GPS tracking for RUNNING, GOLFING, BIKING, SWIMMING & ACTIVITY. This is the new fitness tracker hybrid packing in features of the smartwatch and a fitness tracker into one device.


The aesthetic and built quality is very good with its simple design. The display stays on all the time. The screen is visible in the bright sunlight built barely. The bezels of the screen are a little bit bigger. The design is ultra thin and light weight.

It is an ultra-thin GPS smartwatch which can be readable even in sunlight. It is a wearable smart watch designed to improve the training metrics for athletes. It comes with an 8mm ultra-thin profile. While the device feels very plastic and lights it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break.

And you can tell that Garmin has gone to great length to make this adorable device. The bands are not interchangeable with the standard watch straps. I was a little disappointed with that and the weakest link of the device is honestly the band.

The band feels cheap. It does have a grippy texture on the inside of the band which does help the band keep and prevent moving around. It is functionally sound. But I would really like to swap it out.


The Garmin Vivo active comes with a 1.4-inch display. It is a high-resolution color touch screen. The screen can be backlit for darker situations and you can choose in the settings how that backlight comes on.

Gramin Vivoactive Display


The Garmin Vivo active smartwatch is a dust and water resistant and ingress protection rating of the IP68 model. The device supports Android v4.3 or above. Accelerometer sensor is available.

Provided with a lithium ion battery and the weight of the battery is 8g. It is provided with a Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.  It is provided with Pace Alert, Vibration Alert. It is provided with Blue tooth and call function.

Gramin Vivoactive Features

The rechargeable battery provides juice up to 3 weeks. It is provided with fitness tracker, pedometer, sleep monitor, email, GPS, text, distance traveled, music player, elevation gained, multisport tracking, social media notifications, digital time display.


When a call comes to your smartphone your smartwatch is going to vibrate and display the incoming calls. It comes with many sports app. The device helps to improve your lifestyle and concentrates more on your health.

The watch is designed to look more like a smartwatch rather than the fitness band. Because it allows you to wear the watch even in formal settings. It comes with a formal look which makes it wearable even in the office even though it is a fitness tracker than a smartwatch.

It does have some cool smartwatch capabilities so let’s talk about this features. It does have incoming call and text notifications that worked right out of the box. You can control whether or not you are getting those notifications via the Garmin app.

You will also get other notifications from your phones such as email alerts, Facebook alerts, twitter notification or basically anything that you want.


This is the best looking fitness tracker. It has the looks of a smart watch and works in both types which are really great. It is available at a price of Rs.18, 999/-. 

Garmin vivoactive smartwatch Full Specifications

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