Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band

Rs. 14628.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ü  Health tracking features.

    ü  Sleep Monitoring with Sleep Stages.

    ü  Sedentary reminder.

    Sets personalized fitness goals

 The smart wearables market is maturing and growing by the day. Companies like Xiaomi and Fitbit are the market leaders in this segment which is a very volatile one. Fitbit is considered as one of the pioneers of this industry which, 10 years ago did not even exist. Technology moves at such a fast pace these days that companies have to be on their toes all the time. The Fitbit Alta HR is a premium smart band, built out of premium materials and offers a host of fitness functions.

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band performance

It is offered in a variety of colour options too. It commands a high price and still sells, thanks to Fitbit’s reputation and quality of products. Amazon is Fitbit’s exclusive online partner in India. The Fitbit Alta HR is available at a price of Rs. 14,759/- on Amazon. Let us have an in-depth look at this smart band through this review.


The design is one of the main selling points of Fitbit’s products. The Fitbit Alta HR is no exception. It is crafted to look like a piece of jewellery rather than a fitness accessory. Fitbit’s attention to detail coupled with an impeccable build quality gives it a premium look. The main unit is available in two finishes; stainless steel and black. There are at least 5 colour options available for the straps, which can be interchanged quite easily.

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band  Design

The main unit appears almost like a tube as it is very narrow. The top side is all screen. At the back side, sits the heart rate sensor and the pins for attaching the charger. All the materials used are of high quality and feature an impeccable finish. The straps are made of rubber to ensure maximum comfort for long wearing periods. The design review of this smart band reveals the bold design elements which makes it suitable for wrists of both, men and women.


The main unit of the Fitbit Alta HR is long. The top-side of this is mostly all display. The display merges into the background when it is not on. It is a monochrome LED which displays notifications for incoming calls, text messages and calendar events in addition to the fitness data. The narrow profile of the display makes these notifications difficult to read.

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band  Display

But the health information displayed on the screen is arranged nicely and is quite easy to read. For serving its primary purpose quite well, the display on the Fitbit Alta HR more than justifies its inclusion here.


The Fitbit Alta HR carries Fitbit’s legacy of fitness tracking. Fitbit is one of the oldest players in this field. They have perfected their products over the years. It can track and display following data; Auto Sleep Tracking and Sleep Stages, PurePulse Heart Rate, Call, Text and Calendar Alerts, Cardio Fitness Level, Reminders to Move, Steps, Calories and Distance covered, SmartTrack and Auto Exercise Recognition. Along with all this it has a 7 days battery life and interchangeable bands.

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band Features

The Fitbit Alta HR helps to set personalized fitness goals using past data from the Fitbit’s smartphone companion app. The sleep tracker and sleeping stages recognition is probably one of the most important features built into this smart band. The Fitbit Alta HR certainly makes for a good fitness tracker smart band.

Inside the box:

·        Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band (with straps)

·        Charging Cable

·        User Manual


ü  Health tracking features.

ü  Sleep Monitoring with Sleep Stages.

ü  Sedentary reminder.

ü  Sets personalized fitness goals.


û  Not water resistant.

û  Phone notifications can be difficult to read.


The Fitbit Alta HR is a smart band with an impeccable pedigree. It has years of Fitbit’s experience at its back.  It performs extremely well as a fitness tracker and as a smartphone companion. It is intelligent enough to set personalized fitness goals by analysing past data of the user. During this review, it is evident that the Fitbit Alta HR performs accurately and consistently. But its high price is a hurdle. For those who can afford this, it will give an excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·        Performance: 4 Stars.

·        Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band Full Specifications

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