F&D W-18BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 1799.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The output capacity of the speaker is 2.5W x 2. The Bluetooth range is Line of sight, 10 Meters or 30 FT. It comes with the lithium polymer (built-in) battery.


This is a very small and flat Bluetooth speaker that is very nice, sounds good and has a built-in battery. It also has an SD card.


With the box, it comes with a USB charging cable along with it we have a 3.5mm audio cable. When you turn it on you will know how much battery is left with three notifications lights. The unit is made up of plastic. The device is just a rectangular shape one which looks like your old school geometry box. And it also easily fit in the pocket.

It is provided with a lot of manual buttons which give a tactile feedback. It comes with volume up and down buttons. Pause or play and forward and backward buttons. At the speaker, you have a stainless steel metal band.


And this metal band is actually pretty nice and comfortable as you can hear the sound quality is actually pretty good and crystal clear and it has a small bass mouth. It is not a lot of basses but if you are looking for a lot of basses this is not a correct one. The dimensions of the speaker are W145 x D72 x H24mm


It is a 2x 1.5"full range neodymium driver. Functions such as Pairing, source, volume+, volume previous/next, pause/play, hand-free calling are provided. The battery capacity of the device is 1000mah.Comes with box an USB cable for PC charging and a 3.5mm audio jack cable which can be connected to the non-Bluetooth devices.


The device is provided with the built-in microphone. The output capacity of the speaker is 2.5W x 2. The Bluetooth range is Line of sight, 10 Meters or 30 FT. It comes with the lithium polymer (built-in) battery.


The sound is getting pretty louder with this pretty little speaker. The body is very small and directional and you have to place the driver toward you to get the best sound. They are quite loud so it is good as an extension for your phone or tablet. So doing my past 2 weeks of usage I’m very pleased with the good sound.


The device is featured with Mp3 player. Sp I have a 32 GB micro SD card here with some songs on it. When the device is in Bluetooth mode the light appears in blue color. Coming to the hidden features it has NFC and you can simply pair the device by a simple tap on it. Which is pretty fast and simple. The Bluetooth speaker is very nice. It has the small footprint.


The sound quality coming out of the Bluetooth speaker is very clean and it's extremely loud at the highest volume. It gives distortion on the very loud sound which you have to keep in mind. It can be also used as a microphone which gives hands free calling. The microphone doesn’t pick up that much echo which is quite good.


The overall sound quality and the design is very good. The best thing about the device is it fits the pocket. The price range of the device is also very economical. I just loved it. The price of the Bluetooth speaker is Rs 2159/-

F&D W-18BT Portable Bluetooth Speaker Full Specifications

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