F&D F1500U 5.1 Home Theater System

Rs. 2990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The total sound output of the speaker is 24W.4 x Audio Input Cable

The F&D F1500U 5.1 speaker system comes with amazing speakers which give digital surround audio. The speaker has excellent design as well as built quality. Getting into the performance details in FD speakers review.


The F&D 5.1 Desktop looks big and well suits your PC as well as TV. The woofer comes with the wooden body which gives better resonance bass with accurate sound levels and no noise. The front speakers and center speakers are made of the plastic body. The speaker’s size is compact.

F&D F1500U 5.1 Home Theater System review specs

The F&D F1500U comprises of 5 units, one subwoofer, two center speakers and two front speakers. The dimensions of the surround speakers are 87 x 80 x 132 mm, subwoofer are 183 x 225 x 310 mm. The weight of the subwoofer is 5.1Kg, left satellite is 257grams and right satellite is 284grams.

Comes with one year limited warranty period. It is powered by an adapter. It comes with a 1 x Subwoofer, 5 x Satellite, 1 x Quick Installation Guide, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Remote Control, 4 x Audio Input Cable.


F&D F1500U 5.1 home theater system which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. It has USB and Aux connectivity options. Supports USB flash drive. It comes with DTS Digital Surround. Panel keys available are Standby, Source, Sound, Play/Pause, Previous and Next. Remote control is also available.

F&D F1500U 5.1 Home Theater System review

The speaker is compatible with MP3 Player, PC, TV, CD, DVD, and all Multimedia Stuff. The speaker system comes with a 2.5-inch full range driver for front and center speakers and 4-inch driver subwoofer. The total sound output of the speaker is 24W.The front speakers - 3.2 watts x 2, center speakers – 3.2 watts, Surround­- 3.2 Watts x 2, Subwoofer - 8 Watts.

Comes with features like USB reader supporting dual formats decoding; Pro-logic function for virtual surround sound effect. There is also a LED light. The stereo jack is also available. The signal to noise ratio of the speaker is 75dB.


You can use the speakers for TV. At such a low price I can say that this is the best speaker system.  The sound quality is amazing. The bass levels are perfect. The length of the speaker wires is perfect. Bluetooth connectivity and USB slot is also available for easy plug and play. A 24W audio wattage speaker is like more than enough for a TV or else laptop for a mid-size room.

F&D F1500U 5.1 Home Theater System review specs price

You can enjoy great songs with perfect bass levels. The woofer cabinet is made of wood. This 5.1 speaker system is the one you always want to buy. The performance is reliable and mostly long lasting.


ü  Good design

ü  Low price

ü  Clear Sound

ü  Powerful bass


û  Overall audio output is low but sufficient for home purpose


Enjoy the best sound quality with the F&D speakers that comes with the mind blowing design. The speaker comes with an exceptional audio quality as it is a digital surround system. It is one of the best 5.1 available for a price so low. The price of the speaker is very less and affordable. The F&D F1500U 5.1 Home theater system price is just Rs 5000/-. 

F&D F1500U 5.1 Home Theater System Full Specifications

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