Daikin DTKP50RRV161 1.0 Tons Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Rs. 49185.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • Daikin DTKP50RRV161 air conditioner comes with a capacity of 1.5 ton and it was an inverter air conditioner.

Daikin DTKP50RRV161 is said to be the best brand in providing a very good air conditioners in recent times. Now it has come with a 1.5-ton air conditioner with the latest inverter technology which is the best. This is a split type air conditioner with a very good design. Talking about the performance details.


Daikin DTKP50RRV161 Air Conditioner comes in an inverter technology model with rotary type compressor. The air conditioner will add beauty to your house. It looks elegant in its white colored easily wipeable design. There is a very smooth finish on its panel. The branding is also placed elegantly with its model name.

There is a wide flap. The wide flap is very nice which provides air to the entire room. The quality of the inbuilt components is very good. The inbuilt components are provided with the anti-corrosive coating. The Main unit and outdoor unit condenser were Copper designed and warranty coverage of 1 year to the body and 5 years to the condenser.


Daikin DTKP50RRV161 air conditioner comes with a capacity of 1.0 ton and it was an inverter air conditioner. The air circulation capacity was of 294 CFM and the indoor noise level was up to 40 dB only. Cooling capacity was 5000 watts. The power supply of 230 Volts with single phase and 50Hz was required for the product.

Daikin DTKP50RRV161 - features

Further, it has the feature of Self Diagnosis with the normal display. It has On-Timers and Off-Timer which will be useful for Time running adjustment. Self-Diagnosis and Auto Restart feature which helps in Low power consumption and restores the original settings when the power is cut and restored.

Auto swing mode, Crossflow mode for fast cooling and embedded with Anti-Dust features too. Digital panel display with LCD remote was added features.


The inverter air conditioners are the best power savers and as well as most durable. The air conditioner works in any type of current fluctuations without any damage or repair. It is very comfortable. This air conditioner also works very well the inverter technology and saves power. The cooling capacity is well. The Price range was between Rs. 49 K to Rs. 51 K which is a bit higher than normal and expected.

The 1.5-ton capacity is the best-sold item. When it comes to performance it is equipped with Sleep mode, saving power, dry mode, and many powerful modes. The LCD remote control with power display helps to operate easily and also looks small and cute. The air conditioner also comes with sensors to identify the outside temperatures. The auto Air Swing adjustment which adjusts automatically in up and down to the required area. 


The inverter air conditioners are the one you always think about nowadays than Daikin comes with an efficient inverter air conditioner which you can think to buy. The air conditioner looks very well and also works perfectly with the Indian temperatures. This product was available at a price range of Rs. 49,900/-   in the nearby shops and e-markets.  

Daikin DTKP50RRV161 1.0 Tons Inverter Split Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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