Creative Sound Blaster Portable Speaker

Rs. 9999.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the device are 71.1 x 200.8 x 68.5 mm. The Bluetooth operating frequency is 2402 - 2480MHz.


This is one speaker which is really small, portable, smart and reasonably priced from the Creative Company. And most importantly it sounds really great.


The Creative Sound Blaster Free is available in both white and black colors. This is a pint-sized cylindrical Bluetooth speaker looks great. It comes with a very thick body which makes it feel durable. And there is a metal frame around the speaker and I quite like the red premium little accent on the top of it. It is quite light weight with just around 453 grams.

This is a very portable and small device, it's small enough to fit it on a shelf on your desk or maybe chuck it in your backpack and take it to a party or attach it to the bottle holder on your bike so you can drive around the town blurting out your terrible music at full volume annoying everyone around you.

Creative-Sound Blaster-design1

The device can be laid it down or stand upright anything gives a very good sound with the stereo separation. The speaker got the standard array of controls you expect. On the devices, you got the power button volume button and shuffle buttons along with a dedicated Bluetooth button for pairing. Just hold it down for a few seconds. Until you hear a beep and then you can pair it to your device. Which is smartphone or tablet or even computer.


The Creative Sound blaster free is packed with a 10hrs battery which is li-ion one. It can be paired with NFC-enabled smartphones. The dimensions of the device are 71.1 x 200.8 x 68.5 mm. The Bluetooth operating frequency is 2402 - 2480MHz.

Creative-Sound Blaster-specifications

Supported Codec is SBC and aptX. The operating range of the device is 10m. This is a Bluetooth enabled device. Provided with BasXPort™ technology. It supports the operating system of Mac OS X v10.7.5 and above, Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, and Windows® 7.


The device is actually rated less by Digital versus who gave 2 out of 5 which I completely contradict because of the amazing sound quality it provides. Actually, the device is very good. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have NFC so you can’t tap here. If you are a big fan of Bluetooth you can still connect your speaker with the 3.5mm stereo jack or else an SD card slot.

Creative-Sound Blaster-performance

You can also use the speaker as the external sound speaker for your system or even laptop. Coming to the audio quality they use two 4 watt speakers and according to the creative, it has the new cadmium drivers and dual passive radiators. I turned out the speakers here are very powerful for their relative light weight compared to the traditional and heavier speakers. The god news is the sound quality is excellent and the volume seriously impressive.

Creative-Sound Blaster-performance

It is also provided with the loud mode which is present at the back of the device and it is spectacular. It boosts the volume and spaciousness of the music but to be honest it didn’t make much of the difference. You cannot use the speakers as connected two of them which is a negative point.


This is one amazing speaker with absolute high volume and amazing sound. This is really nice. Coming to the design it is perfect. The rice range of the device is Rs 11,090/-

Creative Sound Blaster Portable Speaker Full Specifications

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