Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Rs. 1700.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The stereo jack is also available. The frequency response is 50Hz ~ 20 kHz

The CREATIVE SBS A120 Multimedia speakers 2.1 which are compatible with all your devices like Laptop and desktop. The speaker has excellent design as well as built quality. The speaker is small and mostly suits for a PC or laptop. This is a 7W output speaker. Getting into the review of the Creative SBS A120 speaker.


The CREATIVE SBS A120 2.1 Desktop speakers come with an External flared woofer design. This is a compact 2.1 speakers designed especially for the desktop purpose. The speaker looks decent enough with the black colored design. There is no external remote is available. It just got the wired remote control which is very sleek and can be used for increasing or decreasing the volume levels.

No separate woofer control is available. The satellites are also looking small and made of the plastic body. The speaker grill is made of cloth. The Creative SBS A1420 comprises of 3 units, one subwoofer, and two speakers. It doesn’t have any buttons for controlling. It doesn’t have any display but has a small LED light.

Creative SBS A120 - design

The body of the woofer is good and gives thumping lows. The dimensions of the satellites and woofer are not known clearly but mostly sized small and compact. The weight is also less.


CREATIVE SBS A120 is a 2.1 home theater speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The total sound output of the speaker is 7W. The speakers provided are magnetically shielded. Speaker output is 2 x 2.5W and subwoofer output is 4W. The signal to noise ratio is 75 dB.

Creative SBS A120 - features

Provided with a wired remote control with a small rotating knob for adjusting volume. Provided 1-year limited warranty. The speaker supports PC gaming. The stereo jack is also available. The frequency response is 50Hz ~ 20 kHz.


Yeah, this is compact 2.1 multimedia speakers designed for the PC usage. It gives good volumes. When you want to buy a speaker for PC or laptop, the first thing you have to note is its size and audio output. This speaker satisfies both of them. It got great compact design as well as the good audio output of 9W.

Creative SBS A120 - performance

The Creative has a good name in giving best speakers for desktop purposes and this speaker proves it again by giving incredible audio. This speaker is the one you always want to buy. The performance is reliable and mostly long lasting. The warranty period makes sure that speaker is working well for longer periods. Overall performance is good and can be used for mostly all types of purposes.


Enjoy the best sound quality with the Creative SBS A120 2.1 speakers. The speaker comes with an outstanding and compact design that fits in the smallest space. The price of the speaker is very less and affordable. The speaker is available at a price of Rs 1300/- Snapdeal. The speaker is worth your money.

Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Full Specifications

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