Creative D200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Rs. 10213.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The Creative d200 Bluetooth profiles are A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth), AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control). Bearing a Bluetooth version of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate). Supports aptX, SBC codec.


Creative D200 Bluetooth speaker is one stylish piece which comes from Creative Company. This is a perfect speaker. This is a markup from the Creative.


Creative d200 Bluetooth speaker device looks awesome, the device looks quite classy with the bar design. Coming to the detailed design. It comes with a power button on the backside and also some input options. The thing is this is not a portable speaker; this doesn’t have any rechargeable battery. It should always be plugged.

creative d200 speaker

I know it is quite disappointing. On the top comes the control buttons with a Bluetooth connectivity and volume up and volume down button. You do have a little LED which indicates if you are connected or not, or the thing is just on. Coming to the box you get a power adapter which is not long. But other than that the speaker is really awesome, it looks beautiful.


The Creative d200 Bluetooth profiles are A2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth), AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control). Bearing a Bluetooth version of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate). Supports aptX, SBC codec.

creative d200-speakers.j

Provided with Bluetooth connectivity. Supporting audio formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and APE provided with the inbuilt microphone. The dimensions of the device are 101.0 x 93.0 x 406.0 mm. The weight is 1.7kg which is quite heavy.


Coming to the connectivity, it can be very easily connected, once connected it automatically connects for the next time when you on the speaker as well as Bluetooth operating device. Play any kind of music you want. It creates a perfect stage for the music. The sound occupies an entire room and from every angle and I liked it very much. Everything is almost perfect I would say.

creative d200-speakers

The bass is really punchy which I really enjoyed, it definitely that isn’t something that’s going to wobble your room but it fitted and creates nice solid and punchy bass which is really nice. The trebles were amazing.

If you are a treble person you will just love it. Overall the audio quality is really well done. The only thing you wouldn’t particularly like is, it is not a portable and doesn’t feel very comfortable when you want to carry it.


I definitely recommend it. On Amazon, you can find the speaker for around Rs 10,500/- even though its retail prices are slightly higher. For the price, you pay I definitely recommend it. This is one of the best soundbars out there.

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