Carrier 12K Ester 1 Tons 5 Star Air Conditioner

Rs. 29990.00 (approx)
Rs. 29990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the device are 780 x 250 x 540 mm with a weight of 33 kg respectively.


Here is Carrier 12 K Ester 5 Star Air conditioner from Carrier brand. The capacity of the product was 1 ton and the energy rating was 5 star. The air conditioner is Split model air conditioner which is specifically designed for the household purpose.


Carrier 12 K Ester 5 Star comes in Classic white color. The exterior of the device is very specially designed on which cubes model design lines are present on the extreme left top of the device, followed by the brand logo on the bottom and the model name on the right side bottom. The middle bottom of the device is provided with LED screen display.

The dimensions of the device are 780 x 250 x 540 mm with a weight of 33 kg respectively. Available in Classic white color in the market. The condenser is made of copper. The energy efficiency rating is 5 for this product. The capacity is 1 ton. Recommended for Household purpose.


The capacity of Carrier 12 K Ester 5 Star is 1 ton and the energy star rating is 5 star. Available in Classical white color. The air circulation levels are 450 CFM only which is very low. Auto air swing option is available for up and down directions. Auto On and off timers are available. Auto Restart, Sleep mode, Dehumidification are the options and features available in the product. Embedded with LED display for power and temperature.

Carrier 12K Ester 5 Star - features

LCD remote control is provided for operating the same. No Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Carbon filters, Dust filters are available in the product which are very good features and common features available in many air conditioners. Brand warranty of 5 years for condenser and 1 year for the body is provided by the manufacturer.


When it comes to performance, the capacity of 12 K Ester is 1 ton only. Although the energy rating is 5 star, the cooling capacity is very low. The air circulation levels are up to 450 CFM only which will be useful in small bedrooms only. Auto Swing option helps in cooling the surrounding in uniform level.

Auto restart option is available which we can fix the settings, on and off timers are user-friendly options we have in this product. But no Bacterial filters are there in the product. Dehumidification is automatically adjustable inbuilt option in the product. The noise levels are up to 42 dB which is the normal level. The power supply of 220 volts to 240 volts with single phase and 50 Hz frequency is required for running this air conditioner.


As Carrier is one of the leading brands in Air conditioner manufacturing, the product is generally adaptable. But when comes to cooling capacity, the same is very low in this model. Advised for small bedrooms only. Not useful for large living rooms and office rooms. The design is good looking. The price range of the product is between Rs. 28 k to Rs. 32 k. Available in Electronic stores and E-Markets too.   

Carrier 12K Ester 1 Tons 5 Star Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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