BlueStar 2HW18OC1 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Rs. 33480.00 (approx)
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Quick Specs:

  • The indoor unit dimensions are 948 x 298 x 200 mm and weight around 13Kgs.


Summer hot temperatures almost unimaginable, not only summer the regular weather also feels very irritated because we are living in a tropical climate where 6 months of the year stays hot. For these reasons, we hope to buy an air conditioner that suits your lifestyle. Blue Star air conditioners are rated best in recent times because of it high standards and uncompromised built quality.


BlueStar 2HW18OC1 is 1.5-ton range air conditioner which is of split type. It can be hanged on the walls without disturbing or breaking your walls like for a window air conditioner. It is almost hazel free to install. Window air conditioners became part of the household necessities. This air conditioner is white in color.

There is LED panel to the center. And to the above of the LED display the logo is placed which is blue in color and looks nice. The whole design looks good. Coming to the built quality it is really amazing with the smooth finish. There are two units present. The indoor unit is placed inside the house and hanged on the wall. The outdoor unit is a metal enclosed body.

There is an auto air guide for air flowing. The front panel of the indoor unit is removable for cleaning purposes. The air conditioner is provided with a Hydrophilic Blue Fins evaporator that doesn’t allow accumulating dust or bacteria. The air conditioner is fully operated by remote and no manual buttons are available. The remote has LED display. The copper condenser is provided.


This is a 2-star split air conditioner with 1.5 tonnage range. The air conditioner needs a power supply of 230volts on single phase with 50 Hz and a power consumption of 1670 watts. The energy efficiency rating is 3.19. Air circulation in/output is 460/385/325CFM. It has a noise level of 33/37/42 dB for indoor unit and 56db for the outdoor unit. Different fan speed modes are available.

Bluestar 2HW180C1 1.5 Ton 2STAR Split AC

The indoor unit dimensions are 948 x 298 x 200 mm and weight around 13Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 850 x 560 x 320 mm and weight of the outdoor unit is 41kgs. The provided filters clean the air, bacteria and unpleasant odors in the room.  All these functions are very useful. Rotary – R22 compressor type is provided. Moisture removal features available.


The Blue Star 2HW18OC1air conditioner performance is very nice. The cooling provided is also very good. In many ways, the air conditioner does a good job. The sound is also very less and helps to sleep uninterrupted. Air cleaning technology is really remarkable you will feel the freshness when you entered the room.

It is suitable for home and office purposes.  The air conditioner is very easy to operate and understand the modes. It is also eco-friendly with nature. It is really a perfect solution for your house.


The Bluestar 2HW18OC1split air conditioner is designed to work generally at very high temperatures and it does the job. It is available at a less price and the performance is pretty satisfying. It is available at a price of Rs 29,990/-

BlueStar 2HW18OC1 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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