Blue Star 3WAE081YDF 0.75 Ton Window Air Conditioner

Rs. 18812.00 (approx)
Rs. 19400.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the unit are 600 x 380 x 560 mm and weight around 35.1 Kgs.


Bluestar is the company which is the best in cooling technologies, it does come with a wide variety of cooling solutions. It does have a large turnover in the Indian market. Here we are going to give a brief review of the Blue Star Window air conditioner and its performance.


The BlueStar 3WAE081YDF air conditioner does look pretty decent. It has the looks of the regular window air conditioner. The front panel can be easily detached for cleaning purposes. You can keep the air conditioner very clean. The units’ components are made up of galvanized steel which prevents from the rusting because of the harsh Indian climate.

By this way, the life of the air conditioner is increased drastically when compared to other air conditioners. There is a filter check LED which illuminates when cleaning is necessary that is after 250 hrs of operation. It is also provided with the high efficiency rotary compressor for maximum cooling by using minimum power this helps to save the power.

The remote control is very modern and looking elegant. In the copper condenser specially made, anti-corrosive blue fins are used for long lasting performance. Hydrophilic Blue Fins doesn’t allow accumulation of the dust particles by not allowing condensing the water inside the coil and thus improves the performance of the air conditioner.


The tonnage range of the window air conditioner is 0.75 ton. The air conditioner requires a power supply of 230 volts with single phase and 50 Hz. The energy efficiency rating is 2.98. Power consumption is 840 watts. The BEE star rating is 3. Air circulation in/output is 585/1600CFM.

Bluestar-3WAE081YDF- features

It has a noise level of 40 dB for the indoor unit. Provided with the rotary compressor. It does come with a Rotary R410A compressor type and the coolant type not clearly know. The dimensions of the unit are 600 x 380 x 560 mm and weight around 35.1 Kgs.  The dual protection filter which cleans the air and auto air swing are available.

For the smooth performance of the Air conditioner, it does come with many functions such as speed setting- can adjust the fan speed, on- off timer, self-diagnosis, Antifreeze thermostat, auto restart with memory backup, Filter Check LED, Auto Clean and an elegant remote control.


The BlueStar 3WAE081YDF air conditioner does perform very well and is priced accordingly with the given features. The best thing in this air conditioner is its durability which is going to last for almost a day.

It is provided with the large variety of functions making it the best. This is suitable for very small rooms. It also controls the humidity in the room. It is the best air conditioner with a wonderful performance. I liked the air conditioner.


Want to buy a low tonnage capacity air conditioner which is really durable and giving the best performance than opt for the Bluestar Window air conditioner and it is available at a price of Rs 20,999/- only which is really less. Worth the money you put in.

Blue Star 3WAE081YDF 0.75 Ton Window Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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